Instant Tax Solutions Explains In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreements


If your small business owes less than $25,000 to the IRS, you may be eligible for an installment agreement. Instant Tax Solutions has a staff to help expedite an express installment agreement, ensuring your installments are set up quickly.

Advice from tax experts Instant Tax Solutions: Scams should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

With the economy still struggling to recover from the recession, says Instant Tax Solutions, scams are running rampant and are plaguing taxpayers who find themselves in debt to Uncle Sam. As suggested by Instant Tax Solutions, scams should be quickly reported to local authorities. It is time to fight back against these maliciously intent agencies. They [Instant Tax Solutions] say scams may continue if the victims remain silent.


According to Instant Tax Solutions, In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreements have several pre-qualifications. Your debt to the IRS must be below $25,000 to qualify, Instant Tax Solutions says, although you can pay your debt down before applying for the agreement. Instant Tax Solutions also says that if the amount you owe is between $10,000-$25,000, you will be required to pay your installments via direct debit. You will also be required to pay your installments within 24 months, according to Instant Tax Solutions, although extensions may be granted in certain circumstances.

When Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations are posted online, they do more than just tarnish the firm’s reputation. By posting false claims about an Instant Tax Solutions scam on websites like it makes these sites look like unreliable sources. The Better Business Bureau may be the best resource for Instant Tax Solutions scam, complaint, reviews and technical information. Most reputable tax attorneys will tell you to check this information before believing Instant Tax Solutions scam claims on unregulated websites.


Instant Tax Solutions can help you determine if you qualify for an IBTF-Express IA. One basic requirement is that your small business must have employees. If you do not qualify under these terms, Instant Tax Solutions will help you find an installment plan that fits your needs. Instant Tax Solutions knows the IRS is required to set up an installment plan for any individual whose tax debt is under $10,000 and other qualifications are met, and can help you determine if you qualify.

Fictitious Instant Tax Solutions scams plague consumer-oriented websites.

It was announced recently by Instant Tax Solutions that an unknown person has authored scam claims posted about them. Instant Tax Solutions is one of the nation’s leading IRS debt specialists with a proven track record of success. Someone with no business dealings with the firm has claimed that Instant Tax Solutions scams clients by using unethical business practices. The firm has an open door policy with all IRS/client dealings being transparent to the client. The business of Instant Tax Solutions isn’t scams.


When applying for the IBTF-Express IA, Instant Tax Solutions cautions clients that an IRS employee has the right to make a field call to determine assets before the agreement is granted. However, Instant Tax Solutions says that the IRS will not require disclosure of financial information to qualify for this installment plan.

Verifiable truths about Instant Tax Solutions scam claims

1. Instant Tax Solutions scam allegations have been posted anonymously on random websites throughout the net.
2. The poster makes personal attacks against Instant Tax Solutions founders, Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman.
3. The team of Instant Tax Solutions says scams claims are not legitimate and feel as though the poster is a rival agency with a vetted interest in capturing control of a marginal market share of Instant Tax Solutions clients.
4. The Instant Tax Solutions scam complaints are not posted with a verifiable source.


According to the Instant Tax Solutions specialists, if your debt is approaching the ten-year statute of limitations at the time your installment plan is initiated, the statue of limitations will trump your installment agreement. Instant Tax Solutions can help you determine if an In-Business Trust Fund Express Installment Agreement is right for you.

Instant Tax Solutions scam claims beguile taxpayers searching online for Instant Tax Solutions information.

According to owner Byron Pedersen, there are Instant Tax Solutions scam claims located online intent on fooling those seeking information about the IRS tax debt specialists. As a firm of this nature, Instant Tax Solutions’ scam avoiding advice is this: research the company via reputable websites like the BBB in Post Falls, the home base for Instant Tax Solutions. Scam and complaint as well as consumer review information is posted there. There is no scam info on Instant Tax Solutions on the BBB website either nationally or locally.


Instant Tax Solutions has more than forty tax professionals that are familiar with the forms required by the IRS. Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of tax attorneys, CPAs, and IRS Enrolled Agents have more than 100 years of combined tax experience. For more information, visit Instant Tax Solutions online at

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