Integrity Spas: Swim Spa Shipping, Delivery and Installation


Located in Leawood, Kansas, Integrity Spas is the nation’s premier online retailer of luxury, custom-built spas. Integrity Spas provides a full line of luxurious portable spas that have been designed harnessing the expertise of medical and orthopedic professionals and engineers who understand the unique function and design of hydrotherapy tubs.


Integrity Spas is the nation’s premier online retailer of luxury, custom-built spas. Located in Leawood, Kansas, Integrity Spas provides a full line of luxurious portable spas. Integrity Spas answers questions about setting up a swim spa, one of the larger types of spas they sell.

Q. First of all, what’s the difference between a hot tub and a swim spa?

Integrity Spas: Swim spas are larger, rectangular hot tubs and feature a constant jet stream that

allows you the sensation of swimming against a current. Integrity Spas swim spas also feature seating and jets to enjoy the conventional hot tub experience.

Q. How does the process of buying a swim spa from Integrity Spas work?

Integrity Spas: The ease of purchasing a swim spa from Integrity Spas is second to none. The spa is custom built from the time we receive an order. Upon completion, we contact the buyer to ensure that he or she is ready for delivery. The price of the spa includes free shipping. The swim spas are loaded on a dedicated flatbed truck and shipped directly from the Integrity Spas facility to a buyer’s home. We recommend setting up a mobile crane service to unload the spa and place it in the desired location. Integrity Spas can assist with setting up the mobile crane service, which will typically run $400-600.

Q. Is it wired just like a regular hot tub?

Integrity Spas: Yes, it can be wired in one of two ways but should be done by a licensed electrician. The first and most common way is using a GFCI load center (ground fault circuit interrupt), which is a weatherproof subpanel mounted outdoors near the spa. The GFCI load center should be placed somewhere between the Integrity Spas unit and the electrical panel in the home, typically 6 feet from the spa. It prevents circuit overloads.

Q. What is the other way?

Integrity Spas: An alternate way of connecting the power to the spa is installing a GFCI breaker in the home panel and setting up a cutoff switch outdoors near the spa. The cutoff switch is designed as an emergency shutoff for the spa, not as a power switch. Either way, the Integrity Spas unit needs to be hard-wired with three-wire 220V wiring. The Integrity Spas “spa pack” electrical panel is located on the same side as the topside control and approximately directly below it.

Q. What about the foundation?

Integrity Spas: The spa needs to be on a level, hard surface with good drainage where it’s not susceptible to flooding. Integrity Spas recommends that a new swim spa be placed on a concrete or framed pea gravel surface or spa Handi-Pad (available at However, should a buyer decide to place the swim spa on a wood deck, raised deck, or a balcony, Integrity Spas recommends consulting a structural engineer to confirm that the surface will support the spa’s full weight.

Q. What else should consumers know about installation?

Integrity Spas: Water should always drain away from the spa, and the spa should be placed so all four sides are accessible. Buyers shouldn’t install the spa near any electrical appliances. Integrity Spas also recommend installing self-closing, self-locking gates in a fenced yard. Buyers should check with city codes for proper height requirement for the fence.


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