Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans


Since 2005, Kummetz Corporation has been registered as a corporation in Nevada, giving it an American presence as well. Emphasizing business finance, equity shares, and investments, in addition to its international projects, Kummetz Corporation has been registered in Brazil as Kummetz Corporation Brazil since 2006. In Brazil, Kummetz took over Kummetz Construction and Projects Ltd., a construction company that was established in 1998. Kummetz Corporation’s main goal in taking over the construction company was to promote the development of new projects in the country.

Through a special fund, Kummetz Corporation will now provide support to both the disabled and orphans in Brazil. This is the latest in a series of initiatives that Kummetz Corporation has undertaken to help assist with economic development in needy areas of that country.

Licensed in 2005 in Nevada, Kummetz Corporation has provided help in East Africa, South America, and other locations by helping build houses and provide economic opportunities to boost those areas’ economies. Through its Kummetz World Foundation, Kummetz Corporation is working to help foster educational development for a well-educated workforce, as well as create more hospitals for better medical care and help boost agricultural development.

With this fund, Kummetz Corporation will specifically target the disabled and orphans, providing educational opportunities and scholarships to individuals in need. Kummetz Corporation will also help provide housing to help families affected by disability and other economic hardships, in an effort to ensure every citizen has a place to live.

According to a spokesperson at Kummetz Corporation, the Company also believes that affected citizens need emotional support as well. For this reason, Kummetz Corporation will use funds to help provide counseling services. These services will include psychological evaluations and working with individuals who have behavioral disorders, Kummetz Corporation says.

Brazil has an estimated 20,000 homeless residents, which may in part be due to a deficiency in housing in the country. By helping build low-cost, environmentally-friendly housing to Brazil’s population, Kummetz Corporation hopes to give citizens the basics they need to get back on their feet.

Education is especially important, according to Kummetz Corporation. By giving educational opportunities where they previously have not existed, Kummetz Corporation hopes to build a better educated workforce, which will in turn strengthen the country’s economy and provide future educational opportunities.

In addition to education and housing, Kummetz Corporation is also involved with boosting the country’s access to healthcare. By working with companies that can build these hospitals, Kummetz Corporation hopes to provide better access to medical treatments for citizens throughout Brazil. Kummetz Corporation is also working on projects to develop biofuels and mine elements in the area in an effort to provide environmentally-friendly experts to help boost economic development.

10 thoughts on “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans”

  1. It’s always good to find out that there’s still companies like Kummetz Corporation that funds and support disable and orphan people. I really appreciate this help Kummetz Corporation. Good luck and God bless Kummetz Corporation.

    1. @Natalia Thank you for your positive feedback. “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans” -Kummetz Corporation

  2. Hi Kummetz Corporation, please continue what you’re doing. I wish you all the best Kummetz Corporation. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to this very important group of children, young people and families Kummetz Corporation.

    1. @Marissa Thank you for your support Marissa. “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans” -Kummetz Corporation

  3. That is wonderful that you would like to help out Kummetz Corporation. Thank you for your attention Kummetz Corporation, with your help, we can end the Orphan pandemic. I hope Kummetz Corporation could do this for such a long time. Thanks Kummetz Corporation.

    1. @Amanda We would like to keep this project as long as we can. “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans” Thank you for your support! -Kummetz Corporation

  4. Thank you for this unending support Kummetz Corporation. I wish you could develop more funds in order to accomodate more orphan and disabled. Kummetz Corporation World Foundation is also providing educational opportunity and scholarships for E Africa and S America.

    1. @April You are welcome April. Kummetz Corporation will always be here to help orphans and disabled. “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans” -Kummetz Corporation

  5. Kummetz Corporation is a frendly company. They are not the usual financial services firm that only wants to make money. Kummetz Corporation primary goals is to protect and preserve the environment. Keep up the good work Kummetz Corporation!

    1. @Martha Thank you for your sweet comment on Kummetz Corporation. “Kummetz Corporation Develops New Fund to Support Disabled and Orphans” We greatly aprreciate you comment. -Kummetz Corporation

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