New Study Reveals Americans’ Attitudes about Personal Data Usage by Major Companies

The personal data gathering techniques of Facebook, Google and other international organizations has deepened the fear of many Americans who are worried about privacy issues, according to a new poll conducted by Reuters.

Facebook and Google ranked at the top of Americans’ list when expressing concerns about the ability to monitor personal communications and spending habits and track physical locations, according to a new Reuters poll.

The survey displays the public’s ambivalence towards companies whose online services – search, e-commerce and social networking – have grown into one of the world’s most powerful businesses.

As the line between real world services and web products has blurred, many Internet companies are working to carve a niche in a variety of industries, from automobiles to home appliances. Amazon, Facebook, Google and others have been busy acquiring a wide range of companies and developing technology projects. Google in particular has developed into one of the most ambitious companies, investing in drones, robots, augmented-reality glasses and self-driving cars.

Among the 4,781 respondents, a little more than half (51 percent) said that three companies – Twitter, Microsoft and Apple – were playing too much of a role in people’s lives.

Approximately one-third of respondents said they were unaware of Google’s plans to move into the arena of real-world products like appliances, cars and phones. Meanwhile, more than two-thirds of respondents were worried about how these companies would store their data or collect personal information. New wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness bracelets have allowed many companies to gather biological data.

Only 13 percent of survey respondents expressed negative feelings about online home appliance companies. On the other hand, 42 percent said they were concerned about drones (29 percent robots).

University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo, who recently published a paper about the social and legal implications of robotics, indicates that the recent revelations of NSA surveillance as related to the Edward Snowden scandal have heightened public sensitivity about data security.

Tax Refunds Means More Spending, Saving, and Doing for Americans

From vacation to education, American taxpayers have more options than ever before to allocate their incoming funds.

Every year thousands of businesses advertise special post-tax season sales in an effort to garner a portion of America’s big payday. The most popular promotions across the board are the Tax Day freebies. While it may seem counterproductive to give things away, businesses known that if they can associate their name with something positive in times of stress – such as tax day – consumers are more likely to patronize them all year long.

Some of the most popular tax day giveaways include a free 15 min. HydroMassage (available at Planet Fitness), free shredding service from Office Depot, and even a complimentary dinner at Hard Rock Café.

Other businesses opt to slash prices on large purchases to convince buyers to take the plunge. Many auto dealerships across the nation offer vehicles at or near cost, appliance and electronics retailers boldly display their goods with low down payments, and vacation destinations will gladly check people in for up to half price – as long as they’re willing to prepay.

But, not all refund holders will splurge. According to, the average tax refund is over $2500. The site suggests that savings will also be hot in 2014. Families have numerous options to put their money to good use aside from traditional retirement accounts.

A large tax refund may offer the opportunity to create an emergency reserve for expenses such as food, utilities, and mortgage. Additionally, consumers can save thousands of dollars over the course of a credit card repayment cycle by paying down their balance. Those looking to build further into the future typically elect to invest in their careers by spending money on continuing education programs. Other ways to save in the long run include paying for a home energy audit or tackling energy-consuming maintenance projects.



James Cullem Discusses the Role of Patent Attorneys in Biotech Companies

James Cullem A life science entrepreneur, executive, and registered patent attorney, James Cullem often fields questions about patent attorneys and the implementation of their services in today’s biotech companies.

ZRYLW: Good morning and welcome – how are you?

James Cullem: Doing great. I’m happy to be here!

ZRYLW: Jumping right in, and to simplify matters for

our readers, what exactly do patent attorneys general focus on and accomplish?

James Cullem: Patents are a fundamental, competitive building block for most technology-focused companies, as they provide commercial exclusivity on claimed inventions for a substantial period of time. They are a legal right and document, and as such, patent attorneys (who are specialists) are focused on preparing and filing patent applications, arguing for their issuance/grant, and maintaining and leveraging them post-issuance/grant.

ZRYLW: What are the requirements for being credentialed as a patent attorney?

James Cullem: Like all attorneys here in the U.S., patent attorneys must first hold a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree from an accredited law school, and then sit for and pass the Bar exam in at least one state in ordered to be licensed to practice law.  On top of that, in order to be credentialed as a Registered Patent Attorney who is recognized before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the attorney must have technical training, education, and expertise in their desired area of technology focus (e.g. biochemistry, chemistry, mechanical engineering, etc.) in order to sit for and pass the difficult and specialized Patent Bar Exam.

ZRYLW: How does the Patent Bar compare to other tests?

James Cullem: It is widely regarded in the legal community as one of the most difficult examinations. As a result, the number of U.S. patent attorneys is quite miniscule when judged against other disciplines of law.

ZRYLW: When a company begins to seek the services of a patent attorney, how does management take that first step?

James Cullem: It’s increasingly important for businesses and corporations to be aware of the different characteristics that make a great patent attorney. In the early stages, it’s advisable to check with the U.S. Patent Office to confirm an attorney’s Registration and qualifications.  Management must consider the patent attorney’s area of technical focus and expertise to ensure it matches the company’s product development and R&D focuses.  If the attorney’s background is a suitable fit, he or she could prove to be a valuable resource, provided they have the requisite years of experience. It is always a good idea to ask other patent attorneys in the local community about their experience with the attorney the company is considering hiring. A patent attorney that is not only sharp and well qualified, but is recognized as providing great client service and communication, is the one management should seek.

ZRYLW: What’s a prime example of matching a patent attorney to the company?

James Cullem: A biotechnology company that creates and maintains novel diagnostic tests is best served by a patent attorney that understands biochemistry or molecular biology, as opposed to one that is focused on medical devices or therapeutics.

ZRYLW: Tell us about some of the red flags that might indicate trouble ahead…

James Cullem: A patent attorney who claims to be competent across divergent technology areas may not be the right choice, as it is difficult to stay competent and up-to-speed in more than one or two areas.  For example, be wary of a practitioner that claims to be skilled in medical devices, therapeutics, biologics, research reagents, diagnostic, and more.  Instead, look for a patent attorney that focuses in one specific area, such as genomic and proteomic diagnostic tests.

ZRYLW: How would you summarize the most valuable assets of a patent attorney?

James Cullem: Obtaining and managing patents is complicated work and requires the deft touch of an expert professional who knows the field inside and out.  Still, most Registered Patent Attorneys are highly qualified professionals and the standard of work in this specialist community is high.  It is easy to lose sight of the forest-through-the-trees in diving into this complicated legal work, day in and day out.  The most valuable asset a patent attorney can bring to a company/client is, therefore, the additional ability to see the company’s big picture and work collaboratively with its senior management team, in order to ensure that patent activities are aligning with and serving the overarching corporate vision, mission and objectives.

ZRYLW: In closing, where can company management learn further details about the patent process?

James Cullem: By visiting the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office online at, where it is also possible to search for patents and obtain a full listing of certified attorneys. There are other inventor resources on the Web that explain the patenting process.  And of course, a short conversation with a local Registered Patent Attorney is also helpful.

James Cullem has founded three biotechnology companies, including Paradigm Oncology, is a two-time former Chief Counsel at leading biotechnology companies, and has served as Of Counsel to a number of top patent law firms.

BentleyForbes Shares Virtues of the Boy Scouts of America

BentleyForbes The founder of BentleyForbes has been a champion of the Boy Scouts of America since the company began in 1993. In this interview, he explains why BentleyForbes is heavily involved in the organization’s wealth of opportunities for today’s young men.

Zrylw: Welcome, and thank you for your time this morning.

BentleyForbes: It’s an absolute pleasure to be with you!

Zrylw: Tell us about your involvement with the Boy Scouts of America…

BentleyForbes: The Boy Scouts of America is truly one of the finest youth organizations in the U.S. The Boy Scouts put an emphasis on physical and mental fitness for young men from the ages of 11 to 17.

Zrylw: Why is this mission so critical in today’s society?

BentleyForbes: The American value system remains in a state of flux. With so many social options available to kids today, making the right choice can be incredibly difficult.

Zrylw: How so?

BentleyForbes: The youth of America are subjected to countless unethical corporate and individual acts in the media, not to mention their schools and communities.

Zrylw: Where do the Scouts come into play?

BentleyForbes: According to various studies, Scouts are generally more satisfied with their professional and personal lives. The value of these relationships cannot be underestimated.

Zrylw: What specific traits do you find are most notable among Scouts?

BentleyForbes: Scouts have excelled in leadership roles as a result of the self-confidence and strength that they have drawn from their experiences.

Zrylw: What experiences, for example?

BentleyForbes: Being of service to others is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. By learning how to respect other people and their property, Scouts gain invaluable life skills.

Zrylw: Such as…?

BentleyForbes: Especially in today’s society, it’s important to feel pride about America and all of its abundant opportunities. Taking care of the environment is one of the chief lessons learned by Scouts.

Zrylw: That’s a noble goal!

BentleyForbes: Indeed. These ethical standards establish a strong and unyielding foundation that serves young men for the rest of their lives.

Zrylw: What is the long-term impact of their involvement?

BentleyForbes: The opportunities granted by the Boy Scouts of America carry forth into the rest of their lives. Because of their association with the Scouts, young men improve their interpersonal relationships.

Zrylw: How can adults help out the cause?

BentleyForbes: As part of volunteering, adults can work directly with youth to develop and sustain a brighter future for the United States.

Zrylw: Is a certain level of experience necessary to volunteer?

BentleyForbes: Scouting volunteers come from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. People and businesses from nearly every industry are involved in helping youth become competent, caring and responsible citizens.

Zrylw: What can adults learn from these endeavors?

BentleyForbes: Scout volunteering allows people to learn a variety of new skills and create lasting friendships within the community.

Zrylw: Where can adults find out more information about volunteering?

BentleyForbes: On the Scouts website, simply type in a zip code to find the nearest council.

Zrylw: Tremendous! Thanks for sharing!

BentleyForbes: You’re quite welcome.

Commercial real estate company BentleyForbes is one of the leaders in its industry, with current holdings in Dallas, Houston, Chicago and a number of major markets throughout the U.S.

Notre Dame, University of Virginia Among Winners in Business School Rankings

notredame Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame University has scored the number-one position in Bloomberg Businessweek’s rankings of the top undergraduate business schools in the United States.

McIntire School of Commerce (University of Virginia), Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management (Cornell University), Carroll School of Management (Boston College) and Olin School (Washington University – St. Louis).

The Mendoza College of Business features more than 2400 students in graduate, undergraduate and executive studies.

A total of 132 programs were ranked in five different categories. Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) is the lone entry on both the undergraduate list and the recent MBA rankings. Notre Dame appeared in the top five for employer sentiment and academic quality, and placed first in student assessment. Kelley School of Business (Indiana University) moved into the top ten for the first time at No. 8.

The School of Business at Wake Forest University secured first-place honors in the category of Academic Quality for the second year in a row. This category takes into account such components as student-faculty ratio and average SAT score. Olin School at Washington University – St. Louis kept the top ranking for best percentage of placing undergrads in leading MBA programs.

Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon University) tied with Wharton and McIntire as the educational institutions with the highest starting pay at $70,000 annually. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), undergraduate business owners can expect an average starting salary of $55,144.

A major reason for the between MBA and undergraduate top tens is that many institutions such as Harvard University and University of Chicago do not provide undergraduate business programs. With the increased demand for undergraduate business education, Stanford University and other schools are creating certificate programs. In order to attract students from across the country, many private colleges with leading MBA programs have begun to offer courses for younger students.

Weathershield Reviews How New Windows Save Money

Weathershield Reviews

According to Weathershield, reviews of window products over the last 20 years reveal significant advancements in energy efficiency. Today, we speak with the experts of the Weathershield Reviews Team to find out what all the hype is about and if replacement windows are a sound investment.

ZRYLW: We hear a lot on the news about energy-efficient windows so we’re glad you could join us today.

Weathershield Reviews Team: We appreciate the invitation.

ZRYLW: Let’s get started, shall we? Do replacement windows actually save money or is it just a bunch of media hype to increase sales?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Unfortunately, a lot of ads are misleading. However, new windows can save money if they’re replacing older windows and are installed properly.

ZRYLW: So we should not believe everything we see on the commercials?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Absolutely not. As with all industries, some window manufacturers resort to puffing up their money-saving claims in order to sell more.

ZRYLW: But they can save money?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes and, in some cases, it can be significant. It depends on what they are replacing and how well they are installed.

ZRYLW: Are new windows different from those manufactured a decade or more ago?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Historically, windows have been one single pane of glass with either wood or aluminum as the frame.

ZRYLW: Both of those materials are still in use now though, correct?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, but now we understand that a home loses much of its heat through its windows. New technology has provided a way to make those two materials energy efficient.

ZRYLW: How so?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Where to begin…? The introduction of dual and triple insulated glass filled with inert gasses, weather-stripping, low-e glass coatings, UV protection…

ZRYLW: Let’s break down each of these, starting with the multi panes.

Weathershield Reviews Team: Windows nowadays are usually made with at least two panes of glass. This helps stop thermal transfer by adding an extra layer of protection from the outside temperature.

ZRYLW: And weather-stripping?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Weather-stripping is a piece of material around the perimeter edges of a window sash that stops air and water leaks.

ZRYLW: What exactly is UV protection?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Enhancements to window glazing to reduce the amount of damaging UV rays into a home.  UV rays can damage carpets, furniture and even cause skin cancer.

ZRYLW: What is the best type of glass for improved energy performance?

Weathershield Reviews Team: We like to think it’s our Zo-e-shield glass system, which is available with five levels of protection.

ZRYLW: Does the Weathershield Zo-e-shield system offer year round cost savings?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, when installed properly and replacing an older or less efficient system. Of course, if you are replacing windows, chances are they are original to the home and either aged or a contractor-grade window with few upgrades.

ZRYLW: Can you give us a brief summary of the benefits of new windows?

Weathershield Reviews Team: New windows give the entire a home a fresh new look and can help save money by reducing the home’s energy usage, overall. Also, new windows may have added safety features – like child locks – that older windows don’t.

ZRYLW: Do you think new windows are a good addition when putting a home on the market?

Weathershield Reviews Team: Yes, of course. Especially for homes that have never had new windows installed.

ZRYLW: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us today, but it looks like we are out of time.

Weathershield Reviews Team: It’s been a pleasure and hopefully, all of your questions have been answered.

In 1955, when Weathershield was founded in Medford, Wisconsin, Mr. Schield had no idea that what he started would span five decades and two generations. Today, Weathershield reviews the energy-saving needs of consumers across the country to determine the best, most cost-effective options for new and replacement windows. The company has earned the respect of builders and architects worldwide.

Visit for more information.



Amazon Emerges as Major Competitor to YouTube, Hulu with New Preroll Ads


These days, media giants such as AOL, Yahoo, Hulu and YouTube have some heavy competition in their midst.

Amazon has started placing preroll ads within original series pilots that are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Instant. The company is currently collaborating with several advertisers on future video campaigns.

Amazon users can share which TV pilots they wish to see promoted to series as distributed on Prime Instant Video. Geico is slotted as the presenting sponsor for the

company’s “pilot season.” As a portion of the agreement, Geico will have 15-second TV spots streaming prior to episodes, as well as banners on landing pages.

Only series pilots are available for free to Amazon users. A subscription fee is required to access further episodes.

Amazon’s most significant efforts in the field of video advertising began late in 2013. Consumers who viewed the first few episodes of particular television shows through the Kindle Fire were shown a variety of video advertisements. In order to bolster their activity, Amazon has collaborated with major TV networks to offer advertisements during many of their shows.

Last month, Amazon shared details about a new deal with FreeWheel, a video ad-tech company. The company will now begin playing commercials before how-to videos and movie trailers on the site. According to industry insiders, the partnership is intended to draw the company closer to providing more videos for advertisers over the next 12 to 24 months.

The online video market has proven to be a valuable one for many retailers. The national research organization eMarketer estimates that U.S. businesses will devote $5.75 billion on video advertisements in 2014. At this time, YouTube holds about 20 percent of this burgeoning market. Based on their latest endeavors into video marketing, Amazon hopes to take a big chunk out of the number in the near future.



Travel Experts Share Favorite Global Hotspots for 2014

travel The International Business Times recently assembled 20 lists from English-language travel magazines, guidebooks and news organizations to determine what locations travel experts are recommending in 2014.

The top five countries, in order, are: Brazil, Scotland, Myanmar, Iceland and Panama.
The top five cities, in order: Riga, Latvia; Glasgow, Scotland; Cape Town, South Africa; and Chengdu, China.

The Americas

The usual suspects like Nashville, Charleston and Austin strutted their stuff once again, but a few surprise entries shook up this year’s list. Major U.S. cities such as Detroit and Chicago appeared on numerous lists. Colorado’s new marijuana laws have increased intrigue in the mountainous states. The warm and sunny environments in Orlando, Palm Springs, Miami and Honolulu have proved quite popular.

The World Cup is bound to draw visitors from across the globe in 2014.

Uruguay rated first on several lists due to its proximity to Brazil, as well as its recent move to allow same-sex marriage and legalize marijuana. The Panama Canal celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014, ensuring an influx of visitors throughout the year.


In 2014, Scotland hosts the Commonwealth Games along with other international events. Glasgow in particular received high marks on the survey. War anniversaries place Sarajevo, Belgium and Berlin on many lists, while Iceland continues to be consistent performers. However, 2014 Winter Olympics host Sochi, Russia, received only scattered mentions.


The death of Nelson Mandela has inspired renewed interest in South Africa, particularly Cape Town. U.N. World Tourism Organization co-hosts Zimbabwe and Zambia stormed up the rankings, while Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya experienced small jumps.


China and Myanmar were the formidable twosome at the top of many tallies. After securing rights to the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tokyo experienced an uptick. Taiwan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Bhutan also earned multiple plaudits.

Join a Sports League to Enhance a Fitness Routine

ZRYLW - Sports league Joining a sports league is the best way to start or maintain a fitness routine. Playing an organized sport can benefit your physical, mental and emotional health.

Where to start

Gather a bunch of people together, form a team, and join a sports league. You can even join by yourself and get assigned to a team. It may seem intimidating at first, but you will probably end up with some new friends in no time.

Sports leagues are not free, in fact, they can be quite expensive. Luckily for a team, the cost can be split among many people. Another alternative is to find a sponsor. Many small businesses will gladly sponsor teams, especially if the team wears shirts with the business logo or name on it, or otherwise supports the business. If money is tight and you cannot afford

to join a sports league, start your own. Gather some friends together and agree to meet once a week for some fun and workout.

Physical benefits

In addition to the benefits of physical exercise you get during the game, the adrenaline rushes will make you feel good and want to exercise more often. This will have a snowball effect, and you will feel better and better and want to exercise even more.

Mental benefits

Focusing your mental powers on something completely different from your daily routine is a fantastic way to relax. This will help you better tackle whatever your daily grind requires, improving your overall well-being and the efficiency needed at work or school.

Emotional benefits

Hanging out with friends a few hours a week can do wonders for your emotional health. Getting together with people who share the same interests makes us feel more connected.

YOR Health Shares the Building Blocks of a Perfect Exercise Plan

YOR Health As a leading name in the global nutrition industry, YOR Health has paid close attention to how exercise benefits their customers. YOR Health knows that regular physical activity will boost metabolism and improve the body’s natural strength. Here, the staff of YOR Health shares valuable techniques for developing a new exercise program that will stand the test of time.

Zrylw: Hello and welcome to the staff of YOR Health. We appreciate your time this afternoon.

YOR Health: You are certainly welcome. It’s the mission of YOR Health to tell people how they can blend diet and exercise into an unbeatable combination.

Zrylw: What approach should people take towards regular exercise?

YOR Health: In a sense, exercise should be treated with the same respect as a second job.

Zrylw: Really… How so?
YOR Health: If an employee is not willing to show up on a regular basis, he or she can expect the results to be less than satisfactory. With a lack of physical activity, there’s more potential for dangerous health afflictions in the future.

Zrylw: Is it possible to avoid boredom and fatigue after a few weeks of a workout routine?
YOR Health: Sure! The key is to mix it up. One day, go swimming. The next day can be devoted to dancing or playing racquetball. Different kinds of exercise will move a variety of muscles and increase body strength.

Zrylw: Are there specific types of exercise that are necessary for all people to engage in?
YOR Health: A proper workout program must include strength training as well as endurance training. Flexibility and balance exercises are also vital. Don’t stick with the same method every time.

Zrylw: What’s a common error for those exercising for the first time in a while?

YOR Health: If you’re not regularly engaging in physical activity, you should avoid overexertion at the very beginning stages. It can lead to injury and illness if you’re not careful.

Zrylw: How should people plan their schedules?
YOR Health: Give your body time to adapt to more activity, and don’t forget to set aside one day a week for rest.

Zrylw: Which methods have you found to be most effective for a safe and satisfying workout?
YOR Health: Before completing any vigorous activity, spend some time walking, stretching or doing yoga. It will help to reduce the occurrence of injury while increasing flexibility. Preparing the body before any form of exercise is crucial for both the muscular and cardiovascular systems.
Zrylw: Is there one area of the body that needs extra attention while exercising?
YOR Health: Try to concentrate on the core first. The back and abdominals are a central part of total fitness.

Zrylw: What’s the last step of an exercise routine?
YOR Health: Cooling down after a tough workout will allow the heart rate to decrease steadily and give muscles a chance to relax. You must learn to treat your body well if you expect to see great results.

Zrylw: That sounds about right. On that note, thank you for these terrific tips!

YOR Health: Anytime!

YOR Health is an American company with members located throughout the world, including Australia and Europe. The meal replacements and nutritional supplements of YOR Health are designed to help busy people lead better lives.