Paul G. Hauf Helps Business Owners Achieve Their Dreams


Paul G. Hauf has learned that traditional bank lending channels block out a large population of potential borrowers. Paul G. Hauf, a small business broker with 30 years experiences, works on behalf of these borrowers. Many people who dream of owning their own business, says Paul G. Hauf, are unable to purchase one simply because they think only banks can help them. In the end, notes Paul G. Hauf, banks usually just want to help themselves.

With this in mind, Paul G. Hauf has spent much of his career building a lending platform that enables a maximum number of borrowers to secure the financing they need. Where banks only finance a tiny percentage of their applicants, Paul G. Hauf has found a way to help those diligent and hard working people that banks have nonetheless rejected.

With a distinguished business financing history, Paul G. Hauf helps prospective business owners secure their dreams. He does this by doing more than just finding the right businesses for sale. Paul G. Hauf also fairly values the business for sale, and connects clients with the right lending source for them. Often, points out Paul G. Hauf, the right lender for a client is not a bank at all.

Paul G. Hauf understands a buyer simply needs a source of financing that believes in that buyer’s enterprise. Because of this, Paul G. Hauf has created a large network of hundreds of private lenders. Some are banks and some are not, but all of them share his vision of empowering dedicated buyers who simply cannot get the attention of big bank lenders.

For the past 30 years, Paul G. Hauf has been providing financial and brokerage services to the most needy and deserving segment of America’s population. By helping clients that big banks refuse to help, Paul G. Hauf has created a reputation for himself as a champion of small business enterprises.

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  1. Paul G. Hauf has built a large network of 350 lenders that include both the banking and non-banking industries. The mission of Paul G. Hauf is to provide lending platforms for those borrowers who might be unable to obtain financing through more traditionally structured lenders.

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