Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis


A graduate of the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, Paul Perito MD has worked in Australia and Africa, with his overseas work helping create an international studies elective at the University of Maryland. Paul Perito MD now demonstrates his revolutionary penile implantation procedure to doctors around the country. The procedure, called infra-pubic implantation, places the implant above the penis via a small incision, resulting in a less painful surgery, as well as providing a quicker recovery time.

Flulike symptoms in men may signal prostatitis, cautions Paul Perito MD.

According to Paul Perito MD, acute prostatitis, simply stated, is inflammation of the prostate gland. Acute prostatitis is characterized by the sudden onset of one or more symptoms, says Dr. Perito. Prostatitis generally presents after bacteria travels up the urethra, either by sexual contact or as a result of otherwise benign germs that live in the body. Of the men develop prostatitis, Paul Perito MD points out that the majority of them have a normal prostate. Since the gland gets larger with age, older men are more susceptible to acute prostatitis. Prostatitis and prostate cancer are not linked, says Paul Perito MD.

Symptoms of prostatitis are similar to a urinary tract infection with a few major differences.  Paul Perito MD says that while both UTIs and acute prostatitis may cause cloudy urine, fever, a burning sensation when urinating, or difficulty passing urine, prostatitis may also present flulike symptoms (which include fatigue, weakness, and muscle aches) and pain in or surrounding the scrotum or rectum.

According to Paul Perito MD, if acute prostatitis is suspected, a rectal exam will be performed by gently sliding a gloved finger into the rectum. This allows the physician to determine whether or not the prostate is swollen. Paul Perito MD says that, during the exam, is not uncommon to have pain or experience an urgent need to urinate, as slight pressure will be put on the gland. Additional examinations may also be performed to determine if other organs, like the kidneys, are affected, says Paul Perito MD. He also notes that a urine specimen will be collected to test for white blood cells and or bacteria. Blood tests can check kidney function, as well as blood cell count, points out Paul Perito MD. If a urinary obstruction is suspected, a CT scan or an ultrasound may be ordered.

Antibiotics are the preferred treatment method for acute prostatitis, says Paul Perito MD. The antibiotics are given either intravenously or in a pill form, which must be taken for several weeks. Paul Perito MD explains that a hospital stay may be required if IV antibiotics or catheterization is needed. Catching the infection early will increase the likelihood that it will respond expediently to treatment. Paul Perito MD points out that as a rule prostatitis is not a preventable condition but safe sex will ensure that bacterium is not introduced by an outside party.

Acute prostatitis responds well to treatment though irritation while urinating may persist for a short while. Paul Perito MD says that although the course of antibiotics is longer than for other infections, their completion is a vital to ensure a full recovery.


Urological surgeon Paul Perito MD has devoted his entire professional career to treating men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. He is the founder and namesake of Miami’s Perito Urology, where he conceived and initiated the world’s first minimally invasive approach to penile implantation. Paul Perito MD has performed over 3000 of these procedures on men across the globe that enjoy a shorter recovery time and less scarring than traditional implantation methods. Since 1995, Paul Perito MD and Perito Urology have become synonymous with effective erectile dysfunction treatment and world-class service unparalleled anywhere in the nation. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland Medical School as well as a frequent contributor to text published by medical journals nationwide.

The information contained in this article is provided by Paul Perito MD for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

10 thoughts on “Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis”

  1. Hi Paul Perito MD, very informative post. Prostatitis is a frequently painful condition that affects mostly young and middle-aged men. I’m in that age group – so I am very interested in learning about this subject. This is a great post coming from a well known urologist like yourself, Paul Perito MD.

    1. @Mathew Thanks for you positive feedback. “Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis” -Paul Perito MD

  2. Excellent post Paul Perito MD! Thank you very much for taking the time to share with those who are starting to learn about this subject. Most cases of prostatitis cannot be prevented, correct? But if an infection is diagnosed early, it is more likely to respond quickly to treatment. Thanks for this useful content Paul Perito MD!

    1. @Jansen I agree with you Jansen! Prostatitis treatments vary depending on the underlying cause. “Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis” -Paul Perito MD

  3. Hi Paul Perito MD, Is abdominal pain one of the symptoms of Prostatitis? I hope I don’t have this. I will definitely go get it checked out, just like you suggested. Great article Paul Perito MD!

    1. @Marc abdominal pain is 1 of the symptoms that often come with acute prostate inflammation. You have to consult a doctor if this persist. “Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis” Good luck! -Paul Perito MD

      1. @Paul Perito MD – Thanks for you quick response Paul Perito MD. I very much appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about this. Thanks! I hope that you would post more articles like this, soon.

        1. @Marc No problem Marc. If you have any questions you can reach me anytime or you can visit our site peritourology.com. Paul Perito MD

  4. Thanks for this wonderful post Paul Perito MD! It’s good to know that when encountering these problems, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. I had not idea that delaying treatment can allow the infection to spread. Great post from one of the best urologists in the world, Paul Perito MD!

    1. @Rey Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment. “Urologist Paul Perito MD Notes Men with Normal Prostate Gland Can Develop Acute Prostatitis” -Paul Perito MD

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