Rene Cardona Explains Aircraft Buyer’s Assistance


Rene Cardona and the Aircraft Acquisition Team at Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska have a comprehensive buyer’s assistance program. The aviation experts, explains Rene Cardona, will work from the full service facility in Lincoln, on a flat fee, directly on behalf of the buyer. The representative first meets with the client to determine the suitable aircraft model that will meet their requirements, unless they already have selected a model, the best alternatives are selected that meet the client’s requirements, a spreadsheet is provided ranking the aircraft taking into consideration value items such as total time, avionics equipment installed, and engine maintenance program, once a client selects the best price/value alternative, purchase price and terms are negotiated from the an LOI through the follow on Aircraft Purchase Agreement, the aircraft then goes through a pre-purchase inspection, until closing and delivery. It’s important to note, says Rene Cardona, that the buyer’s assistance fee is not a percentage of the purchase price paid

The steps in the acquisition of aircraft that aviation experts like Rene Cardona of Duncan’s Lincoln facility take necessarily start with a thorough identification of customer needs. Only after a clear understanding of how his buyer will use a private jet, says Rene Cardona, can he begin the market search, aircraft evaluation and eventual negotiations.

According to Rene Cardona, the service facility in Lincoln, Nebraska can be made available to the customer (or certainly another facility of the buyer’s choice, or facility negotiated as part of the terms in the LOI and Aircraft Purchase) when it comes time for a complete technical evaluation of the aircraft and pre-purchase examination. Says Rene Cardona, Duncan Aviation’s acquisition representatives assist the purchaser with the paperwork associated with the transaction including ownership transfer, and aircraft registration.

It’s not just people who are buying aircrafts who can benefit from the services of Rene Cardona and Duncan Aviation in Lincoln, Nebraska. The resale of aircraft can also be handled by the experienced sales staff. The company’s five decades in the turbine resale market means that Rene Cardona has an enormous database of internationally-based clients and contacts, reaching far beyond Lincoln, Nebraska. Additionally, Rene Cardona is backed by an organization recognized across the globe as one of the leaders for its airframe maintenance, turbine maintenance, paint, avionics and interior modification capabilities.

The sky’s no limit for Rene Cardona and the Duncan Aviation team in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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