Rick Siskey: Drivers for Life, Part One


“Some of my favorite quotations, what I refer to as ‘Life Drivers’, have kept me steadily guided in business and life,” says Charlotte, North Carolina-based investor Rick Siskey. Siskey, a nationally respected angel investor and builder of companies has been motivating audiences for decades.  In fact, as a former member of the National Speaker Association, Rick Siskey has shared his life insights countless times.  “For me, these sound bites of wisdom can be tremendously inspirational,” says Rick Siskey.  In this brief article, Rick Siskey shares five of ten quotations that have carried him through pivotal life moments.

Rick Siskey Life Driver One:  It’s not where you start but where you finish. “It doesn’t matter so much if you start small or big, the key is ending well,” points out Rick Siskey.  According to Siskey, we all start at different locations in this “race of life.”  And yet “finishing the race with integrity and honor” is fundamental, adds Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Two: If you want to be successful, you must be obsessed with obsession and out work the competition. “It’s probably clear to see why this quotation is a life driver for me,” says Rick Siskey.  Hard work will never be replaced, asserts Siskey.  “I can train skill all day long, but I cannot train will,” states Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Three: Kids don’t want your money – they want your time.  “I do not live to work, I work to live,” says Rick Siskey.  For this angel investor and business builder, there is nothing more important than the relationships he has with his family.  “The bottom line is, work will always be there but the kids will someday move out and on to establish their lives,” points out Rick Siskey.  Enjoy the kids, enjoy the grandkids and build a lasting solid relationship with your spouse, that is what matters, adds Rick Siskey.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Four: Think like a gladiator, act like a mercenary. “Without a carefully thought out strategy, you are planning to fail, because you have failed to plan,” states Rick Siskey.  Yet once the strategy is in place, “refer back to my life driver number two. Work with an attitude of never quitting, never giving up,” adds the Charlotte based businessman.

Rick Siskey Life Driver Five: Work on your strengths and not your weaknesses… strong strengths will always win.  If you work on your weaknesses, you will go to your grave with strong weaknesses. “We all have weaknesses. No one can be a heavy hitter at all aspects of life or business,” maintains Rick Siskey.  He says that an individual can work on their weaknesses and only improve five to ten percent.  “However, a person can work on strength, improve it easily by fifty percent and do great things,” concludes Rick Siskey.

For more information, contact Rick Siskey at Siskey Industries at rsiskey@siskeyindustries.com

About Rick Siskey

Rick Siskey knows there is no substitute for the combination of intuition and discipline. A student of the capital markets, Siskey understands what it means to build solid, successful companies. Inspired by a commitment to traditional values, Rick Siskey founded and established Wall Street Capitol. Siskey envisioned Wall Street Capitol as a company that would meet the financial requirements demanded by high net worth clientele.  Drawing from a pool of exceptional talent, Wall Street Capitol has demonstrated solid performance for its investors even in times of economic instability.

In addition to his role at Wall Street Capitol, Rick Siskey serves as the Chairman of Siskey Industries, LLC.  Through traditional and alternative sources of funding, Rick Siskey and Siskey Industries offer strategic insight and solutions through alternative investment conduits. Over thirty years, Rick Siskey has built a reputation as a seasoned investor and advisor to numerous entrepreneurs and businesses both small and large.  In fact, the Greater Charlotte Biz magazine described Rick Siskey as having “an uncanny ability to discern situations in advance.”

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