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Rich Von Explains the Different Types of Real Estate Developers

After more than a decade of experience in purchasing and improving distressed properties, Rich Von has noted several different kinds of real estate developers. Each developer brings his or her own special expertise to a project, says Rich Von. For the consumer, often the builder is the one primary point of contact, but these other players also perform an integral role to any building project. Below, Rich Von outlines those types of developers.

  • – Equity Developers— Rich Von says these developers are the financial force behind a project. Providing a certain amount of capital to get a project off the ground, equity developers put their own financial resources on the line to make a project happen. The percentage of equity owned by a developer/development firm can vary from project to project, adds Rich Von.
  • – Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)—A REIT is a trust that invests 75% of its own capital into a property with a large majority of the profits distributed to shareholders, according to Rich Von. Usually REITS invest in income-producing property, like shopping centers and hotels.
  • – Fee Developers—Fee developers put projects together for a fee with the understanding they will not earn a profit from the development, says Rich Von.
  • – Government Developers—According to Rich Von, government entities regularly develop projects using public funds, including government buildings, state parks, and schools.
  • – For-Profit Developers—Commercial developments, like a new store that is part of a national retail chain, are strictly for-profit, explains Rich Von, generally using the chain’s existing funds for development.
  • – Small Developers—Some developers simply build a small family home or two on an annual basis, notes Rich Von.

According to Rich Von, some projects require a combination of several of the above development types, with the combination maximizing the success and minimizing the personal economic impact of a development.

Rich Von Alvensleben – Home Remodeling Opportunities for Construction Workers

The economic crisis and rampant home foreclosures are hitting families in every state in America, but Rich Von Alvensleben says the problem is especially pronounced in California. In fact, Rich Von Alvensleben sees countless run down and vacant homes throughout the state that no one wants to purchase. However, Rich Von Alvensleben says this downturn has led to a major opportunity for blue-collar workers in the construction business that need work.

Rich Von Alvensleben says that although new home building is still slow, many people are opting to instead remodel and clean up vacant homes that have been lost due to foreclosures. In many cases, Rich Von Alvensleben says that simply remodeling or expanding a once neglected home can turn it into a showpiece for a family. Rich Von Alvensleben has seen many examples of unwanted homes being transformed into magazine-worthy homes due to the expertise of the construction crew. These transformations, says Rich Von Alvensleben, can often increase the desirability of a home tenfold.

California-based & licensed One Up Construction has thrived due to the remodeling boom, according to Rich Von Alvensleben. With so much demand for in-home construction and drastic changes to existing architecture, Rich Von Alvensleben says the company has had the opportunity to expand its work force to more than 30 full time, part time, and sub contractors who all work together to “rehab” these unwanted homes. In fact, Rich Von Alvensleben says that One Up Construction currently works on anywhere from 5 to 15 homes per month to get them to a level that can catch the eyes of new homeowners looking for that first place to call their own.

Rich Von Alvensleben also says that the company has a new division that works on rehabbing new rentals for Invitation Homes, a subsidiary of the multi billion dollar hedge fund, Blackstone Group LP (BX), —one of the largest single family home buyers in the nation. According to Rich Von Alvensleben, this opportunity not only gives the company the ability to clean up vacant homes throughout the area, but also gives them the revenue to continue doubling their work force of construction workers and contractors who need stable jobs. In addition, Rich Von Alvensleben says the company can create housing for families that otherwise might not be able to afford a home of their own.

This is a trend that Rich Von Alvensleben says may outlast the recession, as many homeowners and homebuyers may find it more economical to simply remodel rather than build a brand new home.


In the world of real estate investment and construction, Rich Von Alvensleben is a respected name. Over twelve years of ventures in the industry, Rich Von Alvensleben has made a specialty of acquiring, rehabilitating and selling distressed properties. Rich Von Alvensleben has profitably overseen a $40 million real estate fund and has companies bought and “flipped” approximately 1,700 homes, which sets him apart in an industry where most competitors have only been operational since the great real estate crash of 2007-2008.

At the beginning of his professional career, Rich Von Alvensleben was stationed at the Antarctic for four months as a commercial diver for the United States Antarctic Research Program. There, Rich Von Alvensleben was tasked with setting up a desalination plant for drinking water. The resume of Rich Von Alvensleben also includes a post as co-founder and sales manager of the marketing and sales powerhouse, World Concepts LLC, and a term as founder/co-owner of Associated Drilling Company.

Rich Von Alvensleben lives in the greater Sacramento area, where he serves as a volunteer at Del Oro High School amongst other volunteer duties. Rich Von Alvensleben loves to pursue outdoor fun with his family, such as hiking, cycling and camping.