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Travel Tips from Bruce Bommarito | Keeping a Smile on Your Face at the Airport

Bruce Bommarito is an authority on travel because he has traveled extensively himself. Bruce Bommarito has also held posts in local and national government as tourism director. Here Bruce Bommarito shares some of his extensive professional experience in the travel industry. He outlines a few basic tips that make modern day air travel a whole lot smoother.

Bruce Bommarito reminds travelers making it through airport security is just the beginning. When using an airport, whether passing through security, boarding or disembarking at the destination, it is essential to maintain a calm and attentive attitude. Bruce Bommarito says that the old saying, “Attitude is everything,” holds true in airports, too.

Follow the instructions given by airport and airline employees, recommends Bruce Bommarito, both off the plane and on. If a traveler refuses to cooperate with airline personnel, explains Bruce Bommarito, that person will undue attention to him or herself. In this age of terrorist scares, security staff is constantly looking for anyone who may be a threat to safety. Though you know you are not a threat, the security guards do not know that.

For example, says Bruce Bommarito, if a traveler refuses to stay in their seat on the plane, or if they argue vehemently with airline staff, security personnel will deal with that traveler as a terror suspect. Bruce Bommarito knows this sounds extreme and even a little bit ridiculous, but it is a by product of the social climate we live in since 9/11.

Bruce Bommarito adds that if airport security has their eye on a traveler, that traveler is most likely to be stopped for screening at some point in their travels, wasting even more of the traveler’s valuable time. Bruce Bommarito explains that once security staff marks a traveler as a potential security threat, it is difficult to return to normal in their eyes. The sooner travelers get used to this idea, notes Bruce Bommarito, the smoother their travels will go. One of the best ways to avoid these potential situations is to give yourself extra time at the airport and maintain a calm, pleasant attitude.