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A New You in Just 8 Weeks: It’s Possible, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health Founder

Dennis Wong YOR Health YOR Health recently released a brand new addition to its weight management arsenal. The 2015 Thermo-Slim Program is a powerful ally in the fight against fat. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health founder, answers questions about the guide.

Q: What is the Thermo-Slim Program?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The Thermo-Slim Program is a new fitness guide released for 2015 that combines YOR Health Slim products with real-world weight loss methods and advice from trainers, athletes, and fitness experts.

Q: How does it work?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The guide was developed to train the body by systematically switching up the user’s diet and exercise plan.

Q: Doesn’t that just confuse the body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, and that’s the point. The body is a remarkable machine capable of adapting to virtually any fitness regime. Once acclimated, most people see their weight loss stall.

Q: How long does it take?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: While proper diet and exercise is a life-long commitment, this three-stage program lasts just eight weeks.

Q: What are the three stages?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Weeks one and two are the Balance Stage, which sorts out digestive issues. Weeks three through five are the Activate Stage where the metabolism is jump started. Weeks six, seven, and eight are the Ignite Stage, which establishes a pattern of healthy energy.

Q: So just eight weeks to a new body?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Eight weeks is the perfect amount of time to discover a “new you.” But, the program is evolutionary, meaning it can be adapted for consequent cycles without staying on the same level.

Q: What are the two levels of the program?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Level one is ideal for beginners with little fitness experience who need to shed pounds. Level two is designed for overall healthy people who are ready to improve their body composition.

Q: What are “Slim Down” and “Carbo-Charge” days?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: The system is designed so that users alternate between low calorie days (Slim Down) and higher-calorie, carbohydrate-fueled days (Carbo-Charge). This is called calorie cycling and keeps the body from adapting to a low-calorie lifestyle.

Q: Why does the program use two workout methods?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It all goes back to keeping the body from adapting and thus eliminating the risk of the dreaded plateau. By switching out high intensity interval training with progressive workouts, the body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate.