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J. Kale Flagg – An Inspirational Success Story

J. Kale Flagg believes in inspiring others. Nothing can ignite the fire in an aspiring salesperson like a good story. Often, he relates the story of a young man in Scotland in the late 1800s. A young, very poor dreamer by the name of Andrew Carnegie immigrated to the United States with only pennies in his pocket. According to J. Kale Flagg, from humble beginnings, with a lot of work and a lot of sweat, Andrew Carnegie became one of the first recorded billionaires in history.

Looking back over his success, Andrew Carnegie couldn’t figure out why he’d become so wealthy in the U.S. while so many others who were born here stayed broke. In his mind, creating wealth was so simple. As J. Kale Flagg relates, Andrew Carnegie met and hired a young man by the name of Napoleon Hill to find out what made people successful. According to J. Kale Flagg, Napoleon Hill traveled the country to conduct interviews, sitting down with such greats as Henry Ford, Wilbur Wright, William Wrigley, Teddy Roosevelt, and more.

After an astounding twenty years of research, J. Kale Flagg states that Napoleon Hill wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. Boiling the book down to one paragraph, J. Kale Flagg describes that Napoleon Hill discovered there are two groups of people in this world—the 97 percenters and the 3 percenters. The 97%’ers are worker bees and the 3%’ers are the rulers. While the 3%’ers control 97% of the wealth in this country, most people are wondering why they were given the short end of the stick, J. Kale Flagg says.

The good news, says Flagg, is that you control whether you’re a 97%’er or a 3%’er. J. Kale Flagg has found that those who have spent their lives around people who have achieved financial independence are more likely to think like a 3%’er. And you can think like a 3%’er, J. Kale Flagg says, by following a few simple techniques.

To be successful, Napoleon Hill stated that you use OPI (other people’s ideas), OPM (other people’s efforts), and OPM (other people’s money). Too many people let fear keep them from putting these techniques into practice, J. Kale Flagg has found. The most successful people—the 3%’ers—use other people’s money (credit), other people’s efforts (duplication), and other people’s ideas (a proven system), explains J. Kale Flagg.

According to J. Kale Flagg, you don’t have to be brainy or rich to become successful. You just have to be smart enough to identify an opportunity where the timing is right and what products are needed and then tell people about that opportunity. J. Kale Flagg stresses that you don’t need to invent anything. You don’t need to discover anything. Just find a great product and recruit other people to help you market it. It sounds simple because it is simple.

J. Kale Flagg is a Yale graduate who has hosted sales and business seminars around the country. J. Kale Flagg is the General Partner of the American Redevelopment Fund, LP, a real estate development fund and Chief Operating Officer of Array Asset Management, LLC—an asset management company providing services for owners of commercial and utility scale solar arrays.