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Jay P. Clark Discovers the Beauty of Lake Powell

Jay P. Clark works hard on his Idaho ranch. When it’s time to relax and enjoy life, Jay P. Clark prefers to indulge his love for the great outdoors with beautiful waterfront scenery. Recently, while on his honeymoon, Jay P. Clark and his wife explored Lake Powell, which is located on the border of Utah and Arizona. Jay P. Clark relayed his experience at Lake Powell to the staff at Zrylw.

Zrylw: I understand that you took what some might call an unusual approach to your honeymoon, spending it on a boat. Tell us a little about that.

Jay P. Clark: About a week before our trip, I set up a boat with everything we would need for the week, including a place to sleep, a shower, and a kitchen.

Zrylw: You stayed on the boat throughout your honeymoon?

Jay P. Clark: We did take occasional side trips for some adventure, including a hiking trip and kayaking.

Zrylw: Did you fish while you were there?

Jay P. Clark: Absolutely! We both took advantage of the plentiful crappie and Northern Pike, which can only be supported in deep waters like those found at Lake Powell.

Zrylw: You mentioned earlier that your trip took you past Rainbow Bridge. Tell us a little about that.

Jay P. Clark: Rainbow Bridge is one of the world’s longest natural bridges, so that was exciting to see. We also visited Glen Canyon Dam.

Zrylw: That definitely sounds exciting. What is Glen Canyon Dam?

Jay P. Clark: Glen Canyon itself allows visitors to see formations that can point to erosion that goes back millions of years. While we were there, the dam’s water levels dropped dramatically, blocking our access to some of the camping areas.

Zrylw: That makes for an interesting trip…

Jay P. Clark: The interesting thing about it is, because the waterline can change with each visit, visitors feel like they’re getting a new experience each time.

Zrylw: Do you plan to visit again?

Jay P. Clark: Yes. One week isn’t nearly enough to give someone the full experience. There are more than 90 canyons around Lake Powell, in addition to all of the other things to see and do. I’m sure my wife and I will be frequent visitors to the area.

Jay P. Clark runs Clark’s Crystal Springs Ranch, LLC, where he harvests standard crops, as well as a few cutting-edge crops like camelina. He looks forward to many more breathtaking vacations on Lake Powell in the coming years.