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Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD Offers Insight into Civil War Diseases

According to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD some 620,000 soldiers died during the four-year Civil War conflict. The North lost 360,000 souls while the South gave up 260,000. However, says Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, not all the deaths were caused by injuries sustained in battle. Nearly one-half of the deaths during the Civil War were caused by disease and infections. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD lists several types of these ailments. These include typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea and infection from Staphylococcus Aureus and Streptococcus Pyogenes. Dr. Foster says most of the diseases were brought about by very poor camp conditions and that filth encouraged these types of diseases to grow and decimate whole units.

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD suggests that perhaps one of the biggest killers was Typhoid. He says that although Typhoid is nearly non-existent in the modern Western world, it was a rampant killer during the 19th century. No one, insists Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD, was safe from the crippling and often fatal effects from Typhoid. Typhoid was spread by salmonella that was present in contaminated food and water. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD has found that a significant number of non-combatant deaths on the Confederate side were caused by this terrible disease. The only treatment for Typhoid Fever at the time was rest and fresh food and water that was often in short supply, according to Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD.

British researchers have proven that Typhoid is a water-borne disease. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD maintains that most physicians from the Civil War did not appreciate this link. . So Typhoid, says Dr. Foster, manifested itself in the young, old, rich, poor, officer or enlisted. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD points out that the disease practiced a non-discriminatory approach. He says that the worse part of having a patient with Typhoid at that time was the feeling of helplessness as physicians watched their patients die in droves.

About Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD

Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD is a Tennessee Board Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. In 1971, North Carolina State University conferred a degree for undergraduate work to Dr. Foster. The completion of Dr. Jerry Michael Foster MD’s doctoral program was at Duke University Medical School and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Dr. Jerry Michael Foster, MD is married to wife Patty and is a long time enthusiast of United States History and collecting Civil War memorabilia.

Stunning Hair Straight From the Kitchen | By Jerrold D. Bass

Jerrold D. Bass has found that many common hair problems can be successfully treated with items found right on the shelf in your kitchen! Surprisingly, these remedies usually work nearly as well as many expensive salon products.

As the seasons change, you may notice that your hair becomes more oily or dry, dull or limp depending on your climate. Your hair may even thin out a bit; after all we’re similar to other mammals that way – we shed our hair in the spring and fall.

Jerrold D. Bass says not to worry. Even if you can’t get to the salon, you need look no further than the kitchen pantry. Most kitchens are stocked with basics that have the same active ingredients as many pricey hair salon therapies. In many cases, these home ingredients work just as well as a salon product specially formulated for that problem.

Problem: Oily Hair
Solution: Mint
Jerrold D. Bass explains that mint is a natural astringent. He suggests brewing five mint tea bags in a pot and letting it cool down. Then pour over your hair as a final rinse after shampoo and conditioner.

Problem: Dull Hair
Solution: Baking Soda
According to Jerrold D. Bass, baking soda lowers the pH of shampoo and seals the cuticle. To make dull hair shinier, mix 1 tsp. of baking soda with your favorite shampoo.

Problem: Dry Hair
Solution: Honey
Honey is a humectant that draws and traps moisture into dry hair. Jerrold D. Bass says to mix 1 Tbsp. of honey with 2 Tbsp. of shampoo and then wash your hair as you normally would.

Problem: Limp Hair
Solution: Rice
This trick is a favorite of Jerrold D. Bass. Why does it work? Well, rice protein expands the hair, making it look fuller. It’s easy: just soak a cup of rice in 2 cups of water overnight. In the morning, strain and transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Then mist on damp hair before drying.

Problem: Thinning Hair or Hair That Won’t Grow
Solution: Basil
Basil promotes new growth by stimulating the scalp. Heat 1 Tbsp. of basil and 1/2 cup of olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let cool slightly and massage into scalp. Jerrold D. Bass says to leave it on the hair for approximately 15 minutes and then shampoo as normal.

Problem hair? Not a problem! Jerrold D. Bass suggests that you locate these common, everyday products, treat your hair and solve the problem for very little money!