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Energy Automation Systems Invented and Built the Energy Saving Technologies

Temple Dor Dorim, a Weston, Florida synagogue was, like other non-profits in these economic times, seeking creative ways to cut expenses to make their dollars stretch. When the synagogue discovered Energy Automation Systems’ energy saving equipment and cut electricity expenditures by almost 28 percent, it was like a gift from above.

Energy Automation Systems invented and built the energy saving technologies that helped Temple Dor Dorim. “We were amazed to find that in the initial 30 days after our work was completed, our estimated kilowatt hours per day were lowered by 27.8 percent as compared to the same month in the year before,” said Howard Chess, Executive Director at Temple Dor Dorim. “In these tightening times, whatever we can do to save money is money we can use elsewhere.”

It has become apparent that donations to non-profit organizations are not as plentiful as in the past, providing added incentive to non-profits to discover brand-new ways to save money for operations and services.

A press release on current reductions in giving to non-profits issued June 10, 2009 by the Giving USA Foundation said, in part: “The 2008 number is the first decline in giving in current dollars since 1987 and the second since Giving USA began publishing annual reports in 1956, says the annual report on philanthropy, released today for the 54th year by Giving USA Foundation.”

There are efforts by some politicians in Washington to reduce tax deductions for donations to non-profit organizations, which could adversely affect contributions even more. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported on Sept. 23, 2009 that, “Some Senate Finance Committee members have resurrected the idea of limiting tax breaks for charitable donations as a way to raise money to overhaul the health-care system.”

With this knowledge, lowering electric bills is now more important than ever, for both economic and environmental reasons, according to Joe Merlo, Energy Automation Systems founder and chief executive officer. “Non-profits need help,” Joe Merlo said. “As our experience with Temple Dor Dorim shows, energy savings means dollar savings.”

Energy Automation Systems technologies are used in conjunction with a facility’s entire electrical system, thus delivering guaranteed energy savings. Energy Reductions Solutions, Inc. was the Energy Automation Systems affiliate that oversaw the project for Temple Dor Dorim, and after investigating its electrical systems Energy Reductions Solutions was able to guarantee a 15 percent energy cost reduction if Energy Automation Systems technologies were installed.

“The actual savings was close to 28 percent, but if it had not achieved the 15 percent savings, the difference would have been paid through our guarantee, backed by Lloyd’s of London,” Merlo added. Energy Automation Systems technologies have a 20-to-30-year lifecycle, and purchase and installation costs can be recovered through energy savings.”

As Mr. Chess of Temple Dor Dorim said, “We expected that the savings on our electric bill would be greater than our lease payments. Based upon our current results it appears we will exceed expectations.”

According to Joe Merlo, this kind of energy reduction goes to the bottom line of non-profit and religious organizations. “These individuals and their organizations are doing important work that affects, improves and uplifts the lives of the people they touch,” said Merlo. “Energy Automation Systems can help them achieve bigger and better results through energy conservation and savings, and we’re proud of that.”

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Paul Bleiweis, President, Energy Automation System, Inc. | Energy Automation Systems Goes Global

Hendersonville, TN, September 18, 2009 — Dr. Paul Bleiweis, president of Energy Automation Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the next level for his company. If you are an entrepreneur looking for the next big thing, or a small businessperson interested in a future market, consider affiliating with Paul Bleiweis’s Easy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI).

Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI), under the guidance of Paul Bleiweis, is an international leader in industrial and commercial energy conservation. For more than 30 years, EASI has helped businesses around the world reduce their electrical energy costs by up to 30%.

“Nearly all electrical systems – especially those in large industrial and commercial facilities – have a lot of hidden waste,” informs Paul Bleiweis. “Our systems leverage the basic principles of electrical energy to virtually eliminate the waste. The impact can be enormous.”

Knowledge about how to eliminate electrical waste and save money is available worldwide because of a new business model implemented by Paul Bleiweis. Now, interested investors and businesspeople can become affiliates of Easy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI). Once an affiliate of EASI, you can bring their conservation technology to companies near you.

The pool of affiliates is growing, reports Paul Bleiweis. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it is worth it. Paul Bleiweis thoroughly screens potential affiliates to insure that the quality and reputation of Energy Automation Systems, Inc., is being represented by someone who is capable of the task.

About Paul Bleiweis

Paul Bleiweis, Ph.D., is president of Energy Automation Systems Inc. (EASI). Paul Bleiweis brings to the company more than 30 years of experience in energy conservation; energy production, management and distribution; energy technology development and applications. Dr. Paul Bleiweis manages day-to-day company operations, including product manufacturing; technology development; Affiliate network development; marketing; sales and general business administration.

Dr. Paul Bleiweis earned his doctorate in nuclear science and engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles. Paul Bleiweis has held numerous positions of executive leadership in federally funded and private organizations. Dr. Paul Bleiweis served early in his career as a staff member and group leader at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and went on to do extensive work with several high-technology, multi-location consulting firms.

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