Travelling to Costa Rica


Kyle Thomas Glasser is the classic picture of what it means to work towards a dream. In his short life, Kyle Thomas Glasser has demonstrated what it means to remain persistent, hope filled and to never stop reaching. Glasser’s future plans center around the goal of becoming a medical doctor. He dreams of this for one reason – to serve.

Kyle Thomas Glasser is a man who has grown tremendously due to his involvement with care providers in various parts of the world. He has travelled to Central America with a program called International Service Learning. This became an eye opener for him and life-changing situation that really has improved his life. Kyle grew up in Georgia and he is a senior of University of Georgia and his main goal is to serve people through the work he does. He went to Costa Rica in 2010 and there he says he saw how people were living in poor conditions that many Americans have not lived. These people were not able to afford any basic amenities and thus they were exposed to many diseases.

Kyle further indicates that the people they were offering assistance in Costa Rica could not even afford medical attention. This was a learning experience for him as he worked together with medical doctors to help those in need. Kyle has growth with St. Marguerite Catholic Church as even as a young person, he knew that he wanted to serve the community. This is why he is pursuing a career in medicine so that in future he can reach out to people within the society. Kyle says that he and the other students with travelled with realized that many people in the world needed medical care. Most of those they saw have never experience any medical attention all their life.

The 2010 tour to Costa Rica and Nicaragua opened his eyes to the needs of other people. It felt great to help someone who is really in need and providing support as much as possible. They spend the two weeks in Central America offering medical awareness while they also learned a lot from the people.  This is why Kyle feels that the trip has motivated his desire further into pursuing medicine as his career of choice. He grew up with a heart of helping people for instance, he has done volunteer work in tutoring high school students in the area of mathematics His determination and hard work earned him the opportunity of Scholarship from HOPE and he has managed to go far.

Kyle Thomas Glasser is currently shadowing Dr. Jeff Traub in Atlanta thus gaining experience in the medical field. In this way, Kyle feels that the trip to Costa Rica is the best thing that happened to him in understanding the value of helping those in need.

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