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About is a Dallas, Texas-based mortgage banker with licensure in ten states. They offer a wide but specialized range of financial products including first and second mortgages, refinances, home equity credit lines, and reverse mortgages.
As one of the largest mortgage providers in the state, has the experience and capability to expertly execute every type of mortgage with minimal wait time. They offer an exclusive Fast Track mortgage program for home buyers and are the only lender in the state with E-Signature Technology, which drastically reduces application processing time. was founded in 2001 by Kevin C. Miller with the purpose of providing Texans with lending options they could rely on. With over $600 million per year in closed loans, has continued to help pave the path to homeownership for countless families in the Lone Star state and beyond. For more information about or for a free, no obligation consultation visit them online or speak with an agent by calling 972-387-4600 or toll-free at 800-346-8047 explains that a reverse mortgage may be a life-changing opportunity for seniors.

Although reverse mortgage products tend to get an unfair amount of negative attention, believes they are a wonderful option for certain seniors. The team at reports that a reverse mortgage can do several things for those who qualify:

  • Eliminate a monthly mortgage payment
  • Provide funds for living expenses
  • Offer considerable tax benefits explains that in a reverse mortgage, the subject property remains in ownership of the borrower until that time at which the loan matures or the responsible party dies, moves, or sells the home. According to, seniors who do not have a need to pass their property along to their heirs are well suited for a reverse mortgage as the collateral property may be forfeited as payment upon death. For those wishing to bequeath the home, points out that surviving beneficiaries are provided the option to refinance, sell for equity, or simply release the property to the lender.

According to, a reverse mortgage differs in many ways from traditional financing options in that they it does not require a credit check. This, points out, is because those entering into a reverse mortgage agreement are not obligated to pay a recurring amount. The amount of cash dispersed from a reverse mortgage is considered a loan advance and therefore not taxable as income.

There are restrictions to attaining a reverse mortgage. says that the borrower must be 62 years of age and must live in the dwelling. As well, the mortgagee must complete a counseling program prior to entering into a reverse mortgage agreement. The subject property must also have a loan to value ratio high enough to cover any liens on the property as well as fees associated with procuring a mortgage product, explains the team at

Obtaining a reverse mortgage from is easy and safe. A borrower will be directed to an approved counseling agent, who will provide detailed information about the loan, as well as the financial obligations associated with a reverse mortgage. can help the senior get the most from the reverse mortgage so that they may take care of their needs.

Qualification reports there are only three requirements which must be met to apply for a reverse mortgage:

  • Age of borrower must be at least 62
  • Home must be principal place of residence
  • Subject property must be single family, less than 4 unit multi-housing, or condo with HUD approval

For more information about or to speak with one of the company’s 70 on-site mortgage specialists, call 800.346.8047.
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