Tom Patterson of Round Rock Tells the Story of Jazz in Modern Music


Tom Patterson of Round Rock’s Deerpark Middle School continues an examination into the modern manifestations of early jazz music. There are many modern musicians, says Tom Patterson of Round Rock, who are masters of combining new elements with traditional jazz. Tom Patterson of Red Rock district points out that Rhythm and Blues is a premier example of a new style forged from classic jazz. This genre, adds Round Rock’s Tom Patterson, features such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Jodeci.

Tom Patterson explains to middle school band students in the Round Rock district that the beat and style innovations of R&B in turn reincarnated jazz into soul and funk music. Round Rock’s Tom Patterson tells them how the soulful tunes of Aaron Neville and Barry White also owe a debt to jazz. In the same way, continues Tom Patterson of Round Rock, George Clinton and Funkadelic tip their hats to the pioneers like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. Tom Patterson urges Round Rock readers to consider how Rock and Roll could not exist without jazz. When Chuck Berry took up his guitar and rocked, he performed jazz and blues, but with a lot more electricity.

Round Rock’s Tom Patterson explains further that jazz spins like a great wheel of musical generation. Every turn of the wheel, notes Tom Patterson of Round Rock, produces a new expression of jazz. According to Tom Patterson of Round Rock, each new jazz style is unique, yet true to its roots. The Deerpark students in Round Rock have learned from Tom Patterson that this is why bebop, boogie-woogie, doo wap, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and even electronica belong to the jazz music family.

Some proponents of traditional jazz disagree with Tom Patterson of Round Rock school district. They are concerned that the essence of jazz music is diluted and lost through so many periodic innovations. Round Rock’s Tom Patterson assures these skeptics that jazz is being true to its essence by turning over new forms and styles. Tom Patterson of Round Rock reminds them that jazz itself was an interpretive rebellion against the big band and swing sounds. Jazz music is part and parcel of the musical spirit of innovation.

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  1. Tom Patterson, Round Rock School District’s Deerpark Middle School Director of Bands, has loved music since he was a child. On the journey to become a Band Director in Round Rock, Tom Patterson began his career as an educator in the fall of 1998.

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