Andre Moxie Names the Blackberry as Corporate America’s Favorite PDA

In today’s digital society, reports Andre Moxie, there are many incarnations of handy personal digital assistants, or PDAs. Andre Moxie notes that PDAs hold contacts, make phone calls, access email and even allow for real time chatting and messaging. All of the basic lines of communication that have been opened by the Internet, adds Andre Moxie, are embodied in the latest PDAs. These features are in addition to the standard address book, calendar and note taking functions.

WIndows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Blackberry are the major players in the PDA market, says Andre Moxie, and each brand has its strengths. For the most part, says Andre Moxie, Windows Mobile is a complex platform–essentially a handheld laptop–which lacks the ease of use that characterizes its competitors. The iPhone platform is fun and sexy, says Andre Moxie, but it is primarily a flashy consumer-oriented interface. Android’s PDA platform is little more than an iPhone emulator without the cost and Apple name brand attached. Android and iPhone devices, says Andre Moxie, rely on cosmetic features and emphasize games, music and social networking.

When it comes to business productivity and a lean operating system, Andre Moxie says that Blackberry still leads the corporate PDA race. The Blackberry provides an uncluttered text-and-icon based interface, notes Andre Moxie, which gives the busy professional easy and uncluttered access to all of their most important information. Blackberry PDAs are the first choice in the corporate world, says Andre Moxie, because they focus on business related tasks like contact management, email connectivity and document management. Andre Moxie explains that other PDAs are geared toward entertainment-based commercial usage and the Blackberry doesn’t waste any functionality on frivolity.

Blackberry devices are also designed for ease of use with just one hand, says Andre Moxie, and that is more than can be said for its competitors. The Blackberry interface also still uses the physical keyboard feature to easily input detailed text, points out Andre Moxie. In his opinion, this is a feature that remains superior to the touch screen keyboard interfaces of other entertainment-oriented PDAs.

About the Author

Andre Moxie entered the world the same year that the Beatles let it be known that they wanted to hold your hand. Born in Ithaca, New York in 1964, Andre Moxie was raised as an independent thinker during a time of great civil unrest. Andre Moxie completed his primary education and then entered the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware in 1983 where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Following graduation, Andre Moxie relocated to Yuba City, California and entered the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.

From 1988 until 1991 Andre Moxie served his country as a Personnel Officer in command of 25 military Personnel and 30 civilian volunteers. Andre Moxie was stationed at Beale Air Force Base in California, 15th Air Force, Strategic Air Command. While stationed at Beale AFB, Andre Moxie enrolled at Golden Gate University in 1988 where he earned a MS degree in Human Resources Management. In 1991 Andre Moxie completed his service commitment and received the United States Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service.

Turning the corner and heading toward a professional carrier in the private sector, Andre Moxie was recruited in 1991 by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The company hired Andre Moxie as a sales representative for the pharmaceutical giant to cover the Orlando, Florida territory. In 1995 Andre Moxie left Pfizer for Merck & Co. and was a representative in the Hollywood, Florida territory in the Florida Region.

In 1996, Andre Moxie was promoted to Headquarters for Merck and Company’s. Initially serving as a Field Communications Coordinator for VASOTEC, Andre Moxie acted as a field communication specialist responsible for all field sales communications for Merck’s cardiovascular products. Again advancing in 1997, Andre Moxie accepted the position of Product Trainer HT/HF Market Integration Team Same Sales Trainer at Merck and Co. In that position Andre Moxie was responsible for training representatives about Merck’s cardiovascular products.

In January 1999, Andre Moxie was appointed as Business Manager for the Miami District for Merck and Company. Continuing through the ranks of management, Andre Moxie found himself serving as Acting Senior Director Field of Implementation Team for Hospital and Specialty in 2005. Andre Moxie was entrusted to support and coordinate among sales management, marketing, and direct reports to achieve brand success for all Hospital and Vertical products. Filling yet another management need Andre Moxie accepted an appointment within Merck and Company in 1996 to the position of Senior Director of Training Planning and Brand. In this position, Andre Moxie collaborated with sales and marketing units within the company to fully develop one year and three year training plans, with emphasis on high-quality, value-added programs and resources that affected appropriate behavioral objectives.

Beginning in 2006 and continuing into 2008 Andre Moxie filled the position of Senior Director of Neurology Sales at Merck and Co. for the Southern United States. Andre Moxie was again advanced late in 2008 to the position of Director of Commercial Operations for the Mid South Joint Venture Sales force, Merck and Co.

From January 2010 to the present Andre Moxie has served as the Director of Commercial Operations for the New South Region, Merck and Co. Andre Moxie currently resides in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Dr. William Knudson’s Shoe Buyer’s Guide

Dr. William Knudson has dedicated his medical career to promoting the health and comfort of his patient’s feet. As an established podiatrist, Dr. William Knudson has years of experience both treating and preventing foot conditions. One of the most effective forms of prevention, says Dr. William Knudson, is to wear a good pair of shoes. Dr. William Knudson provides some health-oriented pointers to shoppers that are in the market for new shoes.

Dr. William Knudson emphasizes the importance of trying on shoes before making a buying decision. When trying on shoes, Dr. William Knudson says that it is important to stand up straight in the new shoes. Dr. William Knudson also points out that to ensure a proper fit there should be about one-half inch of space between the tip of the big toe and the front end of the shoe. This small amount of space, says Dr. William Knudson, allows for a little bit of play while moving about in shoes all day. Too much space will not give enough support, says Dr. William Knudson, while too little space will be restrictive.

Do not buy tight shoes, continues Dr. William Knudson, with the hope that they will stretch over time. Furthermore, walk around the store in the shoes, advises Dr. William Knudson, and make sure that the heel of the shoe does not rub or slip up and down as you walk.

Dr. William Knudson also recommends shopping for shoes that resemble the shape of the foot. Shoes with restrictive toe space or narrow soles, says Dr. William Knudson, can hurt feet and eventually lead to long-term troubles. Check the fit at the ball of the foot. It should rest snugly, says Dr. William Knudson, at the widest part of the shoe. Be sure the shoe’s upper, notes Dr. William Knudson, is made of a flexible material. Most importantly, Dr. William Knudson points out that low-heeled shoes are preferable to high-heeled shoes for comfort, safety and foot health.

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD Serves the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD is a spiritual leader in his community. As a minister of the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP), Dr. Randall Alifano PhD has dedicated his life to helping guide individuals to the truth that resides within themselves. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s task as a minister is to listen attentively and help people create expressions of their own wisdom.

As part of his ministry Dr. Randall Alifano PhD practices psycho-spiritual counseling. It is a complex field, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, with a simple objective. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s counseling methods are meant to create a free exchange between the psychological challenges faced by people and the spiritual reality within which they live. Because spirituality is intangible and difficult to define, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, people often find it easy to overlook or set aside.

Dr. Randall Alifano PhD works to reveal to his community the spiritual components of worldly life. Using a conjunction of psychological and spiritual methods, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD gives individuals the tools to meet challenges, actualize their sense of self and pursue their own aspirations. Part of Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s ministerial work is focused in wedding ceremonies and wedding counseling. Before performing a wedding ceremony, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD spends time with the couple to design the ceremony and subsequent celebration. This insures that their customized ceremony communicates their values and identities.

As a pastoral counselor, Dr. Randall Alifano PhD acts as a guide, encouraging individuals to see through their own defenses and familiar emotional patterns to a deeper perspective of who they are. When a person discovers a fresh perspective on him or herself, says Dr. Randall Alifano PhD, it can be the doorway to powerful and fulfilling change. Dr. Randall Alifano PhD explains that unexamined, habituated patterns of thought and feeling create a constriction that prevents an individual from finding solutions. It is Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s mission to bring a hopeful atmosphere of reflection to the individuals of his community. Helping people forge their own path is Dr. Randall Alifano PhD’s path.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz Discusses the Sport of Rock Climbing

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is a long-time fan of many outdoor recreational activities. One activity in particular that Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz enjoys is rock climbing. Berkowitz acknowledges that many people think that rock climbing is an exclusive or extreme sport. However, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz points out that there is, in fact, a great deal of scalability in rock climbing difficulty levels.

Rock climbing is an adventure pastime, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, that is accessible to all skill and adrenaline levels. According to Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, a person need not be in Olympic shape to rock climb. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz says that most people start out rock climbing on boulders or indoor climbing walls. These venues give climbers a chance to explore their balance and physical limitations.

Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz is frequently called upon to provide tips and guidance to aspiring rock climbers. Before starting a climb, advises Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, it is important to adequately prepare for the day. Two simple and essential preparations, points out Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, are proper warm up and stretching exercises.

The last thing a rock climber needs or wants, notes Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, is a muscle cramp disrupting and endangering a climb. Warm up exercises and thorough stretching, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, ensure good blood flow and full range of motion. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz advises doing 30 minutes of warm up exercises and stretches prior to rock climbing. Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz explains that 30 minutes is usually necessary in order to raise the heart rate.

Climbers should usually begin, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, by mastering short, low-altitude climbs wearing a support harness. Over time, Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz encourages climbers to reach for higher ground and to test their limits. A climber will never know what his or her actual limits are, says Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, until they try to exceed them.

These things are central factors, concludes Yochanan Jonathan Berkowitz, in having a successful and enjoyable climb.

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Offers Breakthrough Parenting Course

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a therapeutic boarding school that offers rehabilitation and a healing program to help troubled teens form more rewarding family relationships. As part of a holistic treatment plan, a Breakthrough Parenting Course is offered to the parents of all young men who attend the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Boarding school. The agenda of the parenting course at Mount Carmel Youth Ranch tackles every aspect of the parent-child relationship including dynamic approaches that are based on extensive psychological research.

Certified Breakthrough Parenting Experts at the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch empower parents with insights into the psychological framework of their young men and suggest powerful tools to combat family conflict. The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Breakthrough Parenting Course focuses on teaching parents the importance of teaching responsibility, positive influences and personal boundaries to their offspring as opposed to being caught up in a victim syndrome. A vital component of the parenting program at Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is facilitating the process of building a healthy self-esteem in youngsters.

The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Breakthrough Parenting course offers effective guidelines for nurturing constructive behavior and developing healthier personalities in children. Mount Carmel Youth Ranch believes in the power of positive influences, the process of learning naturally and developing leadership techniques to highlight individual strengths. The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch Breakthrough Parenting Course also incorporates steps to identify the source of individual behavioral patterns and gain a better understanding of a child’s mind. Solving family problems through the process of imparting a sense of self-responsibility in children is a critical aspect of the parent-child relationship according to the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch.

Building trust, listening, being receptive and keeping all channels of communication open is another important aspect of the parenting course instruction by the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch. The tricky aspects of disciplining children through love verses punishment are also tackled expertly at the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch parenting program. Discussing sensitive subjects and teaching children the value of leading a self-actualized life are other highlights of the Breakthrough Parenting Course at Mount Carmel Youth Ranch.