Dr. William Knudson’s Shoe Buyer’s Guide


Dr. William Knudson has dedicated his medical career to promoting the health and comfort of his patient’s feet. As an established podiatrist, Dr. William Knudson has years of experience both treating and preventing foot conditions. One of the most effective forms of prevention, says Dr. William Knudson, is to wear a good pair of shoes. Dr. William Knudson provides some health-oriented pointers to shoppers that are in the market for new shoes.

Dr. William Knudson emphasizes the importance of trying on shoes before making a buying decision. When trying on shoes, Dr. William Knudson says that it is important to stand up straight in the new shoes. Dr. William Knudson also points out that to ensure a proper fit there should be about one-half inch of space between the tip of the big toe and the front end of the shoe. This small amount of space, says Dr. William Knudson, allows for a little bit of play while moving about in shoes all day. Too much space will not give enough support, says Dr. William Knudson, while too little space will be restrictive.

Do not buy tight shoes, continues Dr. William Knudson, with the hope that they will stretch over time. Furthermore, walk around the store in the shoes, advises Dr. William Knudson, and make sure that the heel of the shoe does not rub or slip up and down as you walk.

Dr. William Knudson also recommends shopping for shoes that resemble the shape of the foot. Shoes with restrictive toe space or narrow soles, says Dr. William Knudson, can hurt feet and eventually lead to long-term troubles. Check the fit at the ball of the foot. It should rest snugly, says Dr. William Knudson, at the widest part of the shoe. Be sure the shoe’s upper, notes Dr. William Knudson, is made of a flexible material. Most importantly, Dr. William Knudson points out that low-heeled shoes are preferable to high-heeled shoes for comfort, safety and foot health.

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