Best Drug Rehabilitation Discusses Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome


Best Drug Rehabilitation treats all manner of drug addictions at all stages.  Some addicts who come to Best Drug Rehabilitation have been trying to quit on their own and need extra support.  Other Best Drug Rehabilitation clients have never tried to quit on their own but yearn to clean up their lives.  Of all the forms of addiction the staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation has seen, alcohol addiction is the most widespread.

Best Drug Rehabilitation
reports that alcohol is such a common substance in our society that it often takes a long time to notice or identify alcohol addiction.  Best Drug Rehabilitation staff also says that the first signs of alcohol addiction are frequently manifest in alcohol withdrawal syndrome.  Alcohol withdrawal syndrome, as explained Best Drug Rehabilitation, is an umbrella term for a group of symptoms suffered by alcoholics.  Once a heavy drinker stops drinking, alcohol withdrawal syndrome can be observed within 8 to 48 hours of that person’s last drink.

Mild forms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, notes Best Drug Rehabilitation, include trembling, hallucinations and seizures.  If the alcoholic in question does not consume alcohol to stave off the symptoms, they will worsen before they improve.  Within 2 to 4 days of the last drink, according to Best Drug Rehabilitation, alcohol withdrawal syndrome is often characterized by delirium tremens.  Best Drug Rehabilitation said that this occurrence, commonly called DTs, is an acute state of withdrawal including severe confusion, uncontrollable hallucinations and a highly overactive autonomic nervous system.

Best Drug Rehabilitation emphasizes that anyone suffering from alcohol withdrawal syndrome must seek treatment.  When alcoholism has reached the stage of alcohol withdrawal syndrome or delirium tremens, notes Best Drug Rehabilitation, the addict is beyond the point of being able to recover alone.  Best Drug Rehabilitation also points out that an alcohol addict usually needs the support or intervention of family and other loved ones to successfully engage in a recovery program.  This can be a painful process, acknowledges Best Drug Rehabilitation, but it can save a life.

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  1. Best Drug Rehabilitation provides addiction treatment that is designed to heal the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The treatment centers of Best Drug Rehabilitation offer rehabilitation that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Each person is encouraged to choose their own pathway to recovery through many different rehabilitation therapies designed to give him or her a voice in their own healing process.

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