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In previous travel writings, James Smith has discussed the beauty and wonder of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui, in particular holds a special place in James Smith’s adventurous heart. But outdoor adventure and historic culture, insists James Smith, are not the only things Maui has to offer, not by a long shot. James Smith continues his description of the vacation delights of Maui, but here he gives due to Maui’s stimulating social life.

The Maui nightlife, says James Smith, is truly unique. Not only are there an abundance of bars and restaurants, but also James Smith reminds travelers that most of these establishments are situated on the tropical coast of Maui. James Smith loves to enjoy fresh caught seafood on a deck overlooking the tide. And what could be more satisfying, asks James Smith, than capping off a gourmet meal with a refreshing cocktail, serenaded by cool local music, and lavished by the warm coastal breeze blowing in off the Pacific? James Smith adds that a visitor can then follow up dinner with a night of traditional dance or more modern entertainment.

When the epicurean and evening culture of Maui slumbers under the bright beautiful sun, James Smith suggests a day of shopping. Shopping is the great modern past time, providing an outlet for even the most dedicated workaholics. James Smith finds the shopping in Maui to be as relaxing as it is inspiring. Travelers can be surrounded by boutiques and department stores, notes James Smith, offering the latest in high continental fashion and the most darling local contributions to gifts and apparel. To top it off, after a long day, James Smith suggests that visitors indulge in a bit of true Hawaiian pampering at one of Maui’s extraordinary spas.

James Smith concludes that Maui is a vacation hot spot for good reason. No matter what a traveler needs, whether it’s wildlife, wild waves, or wild fashions, it is all available in Maui. And with supreme spas and beaches, the relaxation is just as satisfying as the excitement.

Konrad Kafarski

Konrad Kafarski

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