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The first of its kind, Bikes Direct was started by a Texas businessman, David Sander, who built the Cycle Spectrum bicycle store chain. Although the Internet bike retail site, Bikes Direct, is an entirely separate concern, it does have one massive advantage that no other Internet bike sales outlet can claim: the enormous Cycle Spectrum inventory.

This bulk quantity and low overhead allows Bikes Direct customers to experience savings they just don’t find in the brick-and-mortar world. Some Bikes Direct prices are less than retail by literally thousands of dollars. This is often the case, for instance, when Bikes Direct is offering a professionally-tested high-end titanium bike.

Most bike retailers don’t have tens of thousands of dollars of inventory on hand as Bikes Direct does with its access to Cycle Spectrum stock. There is simply no way in which smaller retailers can meet the savings that customers experience at Bikes Direct. Bikes Direct also offers free shipping and no tax to most of the continental United States.

Even customers who go to one of the Cycle Spectrum stores won’t always see the kind of prices that Bikes Direct offers (although they’re similar). This is because some of the bikes at Bikes Direct are built slightly differently. They are more like a comfort bike with a shock seat post instead of one without, and Bikes Direct cycles actually become different products.

Even though sales are made via computers over the Internet, Bikes Direct is a personally-run enterprise and not simply an automated business. Just like at your local bike shop, Bikes Direct is staffed by real employees who are experienced in the world of biking. The Bikes Direct effort to respond to every email inquiry as quickly as possible (sometimes within a matter of hours) helps bring the “corner store” feel to the web-based business.

As stated on the website at, all bikes at Bikes Direct are new and covered by the manufacturers’ warranty, and Bikes Direct offers a money back guarantee. These assurances by Bikes Direct, in addition to the many customer testimonials, an A-plus Better Business Bureau rating and positive feedback at Ebay and Epinions encourage many new bikers to take advantage of the incredible savings on quality bikes at Bikes Direct.

For more information, or to speak with someone at Bikes Direct, please go online to or send Bikes Direct a fax at 877-245-3329.

Bikes Direct Customers Share Their Experience:

Hey Bikes Direct,
I received my KHS 1000 [from Bikes Direct] on the 19th of September and I must say that it is one fine machine. I have been riding it on some short trips and am very pleased with the performance of this bike. I must say that putting the bike together was quite simple and the adjustments were minimal to say the least. When I ordered the bike [from Bikes Direct] I was kind of apprehensive of getting a bike from a mail order house, but once I received it I found out that not only was it a snap to put together but also what I saved [from Bikes Direct was] over $550.00 from the local dealer–to me that’s a great bargain.
Once again it was great doing business with [Bikes Direct],
Joe Sharon (Pringle, PA)

Dear Bikes Direct,

My husband and I got our matching 700DS mountain bikes a few days ago [from Bikes Direct]. We took them to a local shop here to have them assembled since neither of us has any experience with bicycle assembly. The guy in the shop was VERY impressed with them and couldn’t believe how little we paid [Bikes Direct] for them. When we looked around his shop we were amazed at what a similar bike went for there. (The guy even admitted that he hoped that his customers didn’t find Bikes Direct). Thanks, Bikes Direct, for all your help and understanding with all our questions.


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