Marian Harding Discusses the History of Miniature Schnauzers


According to Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers are a smart, loving and energetic breed that dates back to 16th century Germany and Bavaria. Schnauzers have a host of good traits, adds Marian Harding, making them very trainable, affectionate and obedient. Marian Harding reports that miniature schnauzers were supposedly developed from dogs that resembled Poodles and Wire-haired German Pinschers. Marian Harding explains the name itself, Schnauzer, was not applied to the breed until the early 17th century. Schnauzer means “snout” or “muzzle,” notes Marian Harding, and a single look at the breed indicates that the name is a perfect match.

Back when schnauzers first came on the scene, says Marian Harding, their heartiness and intelligence made them prized animals for use as watchdogs and vermin hunters. With their size, wits, loud bark, and tenacity, Marian Harding says schnauzers could easily keep trespassers and rats off of their owner’s property. In fact, schnauzers were so immediately popular in Germany, notes Marian Harding, that breeders developed three sizes of schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer is approximately 26-28 inches high, says Marian Harding, and was typically raised to drive cattle in Bavaria and stand as a guard dog. Marian Harding says that the middle size of the breed is referred to as the Standard Schnauzer. Standard Schnauzers average 18-20 inches in height, adds Marian Harding, and were originally used to herd sheep. But the Standards were so hearty, notes Marian Harding, that despite their size they were also used to pull carts and carriages! Marian Harding adds that Standard Schnauzers are where the Giant and Miniature forms of the breed originated. Marian Harding adds that Miniature Schnauzers are the most popular of the three schnauzer breeds in North America. Miniature Schnauzers stand 12-14 inches tall, reports Marian Harding, and were originally bred as watchdogs and rat catchers. Marian Harding says their powerful bark can act as an impressive alarm system when strangers approach the home.

In the 19th century, continues Marian Harding, the schnauzer breed was introduced to America. To this day the miniature schnauzer is the most popular of the breed, adds Marian Harding, bred as loving pets and winning show dogs for over 200 years.

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