BSR Gun Shop Is a Haven for Gun Enthusiasts


Gun enthusiasts in the bi-state area are always looking for a good spot to satisfy their gun needs. They need premium ammunition and cleaning supplies. They need the newest models and the classic models. Most importantly, they need a community of professional firearm enthusiasts like the staff at BSR Gun Shop.

With backgrounds in everything from municipal law enforcement to international military service, the employees at BSR Gun Shop are familiar with your needs. BSR Gun Shop maintains an enormous inventory of guns, ammunition, and related supplies. BSR Gun Shop also provides the services of a fantastic indoor shooting range. BSR Gun Shop offers a community of knowledgeable experts for you to trade stories and gather information about your local gun culture.

The experts at BSR Gun Shop cater to all levels of experience from first time shooters to war veterans with impressive hobby collections. BSR Gun Shop has a huge selection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns – both new and used. Their services go far beyond. BSR Gun Shop also offers police equipment, competition equipment, ultra-sonic gun cleaning, and custom gunsmithing. If you live in the bi-state area, you owe it to yourself to pay BSR Gun Shop a visit.  With a wealth of inventory and information, BSR Gun Shop is a haven for gun enthusiasts.


BSR Gun Shop
209 North Illinois Street (Highway 159)
Belleville, Illinois 62220
IL: (618) 234-9690
MO: (314) 368-4867
Fax: (618) 236-2551

One thought on “BSR Gun Shop Is a Haven for Gun Enthusiasts”

  1. BSR Gun Shop has a friendly staff with backgrounds ranging in law enforcement to military service. With their expertise, the staff at BSR Gun Shop will assist in your search to find a firearm that is most suitable to your needs. BSR Gun Shop also has a very wide selection of makes and models, so you are sure to find the perfect fit! You should also be sure to take your new purchase for a test drive in their indoor shooting range.

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