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E-stealth Works to Level the Playing Field

Lawrenceville, GA, October 22, 2009 — Have you ever felt that it’s unfair that corporations and government agencies can freely wiretap without any trouble? Do you ever wonder where that technology comes from or how you can get it for yourself? A new industry on the web, spearheaded by E-stealth.com, puts the power of government agencies and private investigators right into citizens’ hands.

E-stealth develops and distributes cutting edge spy gear. Among these are the lately publicized mobile phone spy products. With E-stealth’s mobile phone spy software, for example, you can monitor text messages on your child’s phone. You can monitor the call activity of your employee’s company cell phone to make sure they are not disclosing company secrets. E-stealth’s mobile phone spy software can even turn a target cell phone into a real time listening device.

Most of the surveillance software you are ever going to need already exists in your cell phone. E-stealth offers the software tools to empower your cell phone to perform the surveillance tasks you require.

You may find that the technology in your cell phone is not sufficient for your stealth needs. No matter, E-stealth also offers a full line of equipment designed to give you the edge of secrecy. Products like GPS locators, drug detection devices, and hidden cameras are all part of E-stealth’s specialty.

E-Stealth.com, LLC
950 Herrington Rd.
Suite C-179
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

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