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Carmack Moving and Storage is Fairfax County, Virginia’s premiere moving and storage provider, bringing over 28 year’s experience to area residents. With a fully trained staff and state of the art equipment, the team of professionals at Carmack Moving and Storage is ready to tackle any sized move whether in town or around the globe.

If you are planning a move, Carmack Moving and Storage says that getting there is only half the battle.

The boxes have been unloaded, furniture is neatly in place, and now it’s time to get settled. Carmack Moving and Storage says that the move is really just the beginning. Now it’s time to set about getting organized and situated to actually live in your new home. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you open the boxes and unload, says the team at Carmack Moving and Storage.

Day 1

Start with what you really need. Carmack Moving and Storage says this does not mean what you think you need but what you absolutely have to have to function for those critical first twenty four hours. In the bathroom, you should focus on toiletries, towels, soaps, dental care, and toilet paper first, points out Carmack Moving and Storage. After that, you can get the make-up and shaving supplies ready.

Moving along to the kitchen, Carmack Moving and Storage explains that take out might be a good option for the first night. Once you are well fed and energized, you can set out paper plates and cups to use until you are ready to dig in and unpack the heavy stuff, adds Carmack Moving and Storage.

Before all of the heavy unpacking, make sure the bed is made. Carmack Moving and Storage says this will be handy at the end of a long moving day. If you have work scheduled for the day after, Carmack Moving and Storage says to find a few hangers and have your clothes ready to go – it’ll make the morning much easier.

After you’ve gotten settled enough to survive the first night, get some sleep. Carmack Moving and Storage points out that the task of finishing the move can wait until you are rested.

Day 2

Now, back to the kitchen… According to Carmack Moving and Storage, this is the heart of the home and deserves a few minutes of planning before haphazardly tossing pots and pans into cabinets. If you can, buy shelf liners before you start stacking dishes and install them while the kitchen is still bare, says Carmack Moving and Storage. Once it’s all clean and ready, determine the most efficient flow place kitchenware accordingly.

If you felt a little “off“ your first night in the new bedroom, chances are that some of the uneasiness was not having everything in its place, claims Carmack Moving and Storage. Night number two should feel a little more like home if you take the time to arrange things the way you want them. Carmack Moving and Storage says this is the time to sort socks and hang shirts and pants just so. If you folded your clothes before storing, unpacking will be much easier. As for closet-bound clothing, Carmack Moving and Storage has found that wardrobe boxes are the way to go. These allow for exceptionally easy transport.

Your living space is no doubt starting to feel a little neglected by the end of day two, says Carmack Moving and Storage. For sanity’s sake, Carmack Moving and Storage suggests moving unpacked boxes that don’t belong in a room to the garage. Make final placement adjustments on large pieces and hang pictures. Carmack Moving and Storage says this is also a good time to lay rugs, fill bookcases, and arrange movies and video game systems. If you didn’t wipe down surfaces before the move, do that before leaving a trail of knick-knacks in the dust, advises Carmack Moving and Storage.

Day 3

Yes, the other rooms still have to get unpacked. But if you have a guest room, Carmack Moving and Storage suggests getting that in order. By day three, you might be ready to call for help anyway – and they’ll need a place to sleep!

Finally, don’t fret if your belongings don’t quite fit into your new space. Carmack Moving and Storage says to stay focus on the positive: you did it; you moved. After a few weeks, you will begin to feel more at home and really begin to make the new digs your very own.


About Carmack Moving and Storage

Carmack Moving and Storage is owned and operated by the Carmack family. President and CEO Robert Carmack bought his first moving truck – an old pickup – in 1985 and has grown the company to include a full fleet of state-of-the-art box trucks, vans, and specialty moving equipment. For more information or to schedule an in home estimate with Carmack Moving and Storage, visit


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