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Reverse Mortgages | explains that a reverse mortgage may be a life-changing opportunity for seniors. Although reverse mortgage products tend to get an unfair amount of negative attention, believes they are a wonderful option for certain seniors. The team at reports that a reverse mortgage can do several things for those who qualify: Eliminate a […]

Missed Fortune’s Douglas Andrew on Transferring Money Income Tax Free

Missed Fortune specializes in helping clients safely accumulate wealth with high rates of return. Founder Douglas Andrew helps Missed Fortune clients earn high returns using an approach he calls the Laser method of wealth accumulation—one that offers liquidity, safety, and a high rate of return. He also helps clients maximize tax advantages in both transferring and withdrawing funds from existing assets.

Missed Fortune Cautions About the Future of Taxes

According to Missed Fortune founder Doug Andrew, tax changes over the past few decades have drastically changed the way people should plan for retirement. Now, as the Missed Fortune founder explains, there are six thresholds in place where individuals might have to pay out as much as 33%-45% of their income, when state and federal income taxes are both in place.

Texas Lending ( Offers Reverse Mortgages to Homeowners

Known to many customers as Texas Lending, mortgage banker was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing affordable mortgage rates to future homeowners.

Texas Lending is fielding an increasing number of questions about reverse mortgages, with many baby boomers interested in finding ways to afford to retire. Many senior citizens have heard reverse mortgages are a great way to bring in extra money, yet come to Texas Lending with reservations.

How Do Forex Markets Work? An FXDD primer.

FXDD’s goal is to cultivate informed traders. An understanding of how the foreign exchange market works is key for FXDD’s traders.

The foreign exchange market or Forex, as FXDD and other brokers refer to it, is the exchange of international currencies in a decentralized global trading environment. FXDD wants traders to understand the potential of trading currencies in Forex, a market where a wide range of different buyers and sellers trade around the clock, with the exception of weekends. FXDD’s traders speculate price based on economic and political characteristics and key technical levels of support that determine the relative values of different currencies.

Tax Tiger Celebrates a Decade of Distinction

Tax Tiger, America’s most effective tax representation company, has been helping real people face real IRS problems for 10 years. Here are just a few of their stories:   Mike | Sacramento Mike contacted Tax Tiger after trying to ignore the IRS for nearly twenty years. After a series of personal events, Mike decided it […]

Steven Delarge: Albany’s Recent Economic Growth

Steven Delarge has noticed, during time spent in Albany, that living in the state capital means a strong governmental presence. In fact, according to Steven Delarge, more than a quarter of the city’s residents work for state and local government. More work in sectors that support governmental operations and employees—restaurants, law firms, and many others, Steven Delarge relates.

Ian Woodman, Idaho Businessman, Explains How You May Be Overpaying Taxes

Ian Woodman, Idaho co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions, has seen many taxpayers struggle with the IRS. In addition to providing resolution to tax problems from simple to complex, Ian Woodman provides Idaho residents with tax assistance both leading up to and during tax season.

Instant Tax Solutions’ Ratings Offers Unparalleled Service

There are several reasons why Instant Tax Solutions’ ratings are so high; in this brief interview Zrylw Blog discusses their services with the Instant tax Solutions Ratings Team.

Zrylw: Thank you for joining us today. With tax season in full swing, we are lucky to have caught you.

Steven P. Delarge on Building Standalone Finance Team

Business entrepreneur Steven P. Delarge learned quite a bit from his own experience in building a standalone finance team. The opportunity came when Steven P. Delarge was involved in the sale of the operating division of a public company. Prior to the sale, Steven P. Delarge’s division had its finances handled by the parent company, but following the sale a new finance team had to be formed.

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