Tax Tiger Celebrates a Decade of Distinction


Tax Tiger is a tax resolution service assisting taxpayers with a wide variety of tax issues. Over the past ten years, the company has helped taxpayers save more than $20 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest. Tax Tiger has become known as a unique tax relief assistance company because the company operates from a faith-based background. The team at Tax Tiger is proud to report the company has a 99 percent rating of customer satisfaction.

Tax Tiger, America’s most effective tax representation company, has been helping real people face real IRS problems for 10 years. Here are just a few of their stories:


Mike | Sacramento

Mike contacted Tax Tiger after trying to ignore the IRS for nearly twenty years. After a series of personal events, Mike decided it was time accept accountability for the delinquency in order to move on with his life. However, Mike had nearly $100,000 in debt to the IRS. Tax Tiger was able to reduce his balance to just under $2,000. Mike says that he received encouragement and support from the Tax Tiger team that was beyond his expectations.

Vince | Arizona

Vince owed more than he cares to admit. Tax Tiger helped him reduce his total out of pocket costs to around $3,000, which he gleefully describes as “pennies on the dollar.” Today, Vince is back on track and says that when he sees an ad for rivals firms, he smiles to himself because he knows that no amount of glitzy marketing can possibly make another firm nearly as effective as Tax Tiger.

Lihn | West Virginia

Across the street or across the country, Tax Tiger is ready to pounce into action. Lihn was drowning in a vicious cycle of minimum monthly payments. It wasn’t reducing her debt. Instead, Lihn says that she was watching her balance get bigger by the month. She finally contacted Tax Tiger after deciding that there had to be a better way. Fortunately for her, there was. Tax Tiger worked feverishly and with compassion to settle her IRS problems once and for all. Lihn speaks fondly of her experience with Tax Tiger stating “I would soundly recommend Tax Tiger to anyone…”

Darryl | Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. According to Darryl, their tax debt seemed to take that notion to heart. They owed countless amounts to the IRS and, with his wife’s health deteriorating, they could not afford to get hit with a wage garnishment or have their home taken from them. Tax Tiger helped them free up the cash necessary to afford the medical attention that his wife needed. Now, the couple can focus on getting her well instead of trying to navigate the open ocean of IRS rules and regulation.

Tax Tiger is pleased that these and countless other clients are breathing easier thanks to their services and proudly acknowledge that the firm maintains a 99% customer satisfaction level as well as an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Founder Kathy Hills says that God has blessed Tax Tiger and they continue to work to honor Him, offering only ethical and honest service.

Tax Tiger | 6355 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento, CA. | 866.667.3829 | Franchise Opportunities Available


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