Richard E. Dover Updates Community on Alexander Inn Restoration


Richard E. Dover is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based real estate developer. Born in Atlanta Georgia, Richard E. Dover moved to Tennessee in his teens and graduated from Bearden High School in 1972.

Richard-E-Dover-ZRYLW-Alexander-Inn-Update Richard E. Dover, general manager of Family Pride Corporation, the company restoring the historic Alexander Inn into a retirement living center, recently provided an update on the project during an Oak Ridge Heritage and Preservation Association meeting. The meeting took place in the Midtown Community Center in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Richard E. Dover wants to maintain the exterior of the building, which was built as part of the top-secret Manhattan Project during World War II, at its original look, and Richard E. Dover provided details at the meeting. According to Richard E. Dover, a summary was also provided of places in East Tennessee that

have been that have been identified as the top structures of concern in each county for historical preservation.

The Alexander Inn, originally known as the Guest House, is being restored as a result of the U.S. Department of Energy’s $500,000 grant. The former inn housed some of the top scientists working on the atomic bomb. According to Richard E. Dover, the inn will be preserved to look just like it did in the ’40s.

Richard E. Dover brought the attendees up to date on the specific dates and plans for the next steps in the restoration of the historic inn. Family Pride Corporation and Richard E. Dover have their work cut out for this long awaited renovation. All the windows will have to be updated, and all the wood will need to be the same as it originally was, explains Richard E. Dover.

Richard E. Dover has requested photographs of the Guest House so he can gain as much information as possible about the original appearance of the structure. According to Richard E. Dover, photographs of the inn during the early years would be very helpful. Richard E. Dover appreciates the community’s support and interest received thus far. Richard E. Dover is very familiar with this type of work so he fully understands the requirements for historic preservation standards. According to Richard E. Dover, the renovation will take six to 12 months, and the first step is to demolish anything that is hazardous to the crew. The general frame and structure, however, are in great shape, says Richard E. Dover.

According to Richard E. Dover, the restored inn will add immensely to the historic townsite, Jackson Square. Richard E. Dover believes that even a dilapidated structure can hold a large part of a community’s history. History is what makes a community unique. Richard E. Dover believes that safeguarding the history of a place through historic preservation gives a community its personality. Richard E. Dover thinks history, including historic buildings, provides a link to the origins of the community and its ancestors. According to Richard E. Dover, historic preservation offers cultural, economic, educational and environmental benefits to the entire community. Sometimes, says Richard E. Dover, historical things just need a little dusting off. He believes that everyone profits when historic structures are rehabilitated. Family Pride Corporation is committed to protect the architectural harmony and physical characteristics of a neighborhood while supporting its improvement.


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