Helping Advice for the Aspiring Actor


Q: What is an essential tip for acting success?

A: Stay on time. Films and television shows cost quite a lot of money to produce. If an actor is just a few minutes late for a paid gig, the director, producer and the entire crew will be extremely disappointed and could question their choice of actor. If an actor shows up after a scheduled audition time, the casting director will be concerned about an ongoing issue of tardiness.

On that note, show business runs on irregular hours and extended workdays. Without the endurance and positive energy necessary to withstand a long day on the set, an actor will find success impossible to attain.

Q: What kind of schedule can be expected?

A: For an actor in the television or movie business, a 9-to-5 schedule is just not feasible given the nature of the work. Most actors must rise before dawn to ensure they are fully prepared for the day and can arrive at the set on time. In theatre, the call time might be 10 a.m. because the actors work well into the night. The long, intense hours required mean that actors will spend roughly half their lives with co-workers.

Be cordial and respectful to all people involved with the production to maintain harmony on the set. Establishing a negative attitude in the beginning stages of a job will have a noted impact on the rest of the staff.

Q: How else can actors improve their routines?

A: Always be clean and well groomed. It should go without saying, but bathe regularly and have fresh breath. Anyone with poor hygiene will earn a bad reputation and miss out on future acting opportunities. Complaining regularly is also a sure way to cause tension on the set. Some actors in show business choose to complain about the realities of the job – the food, the director, fellow actors, costume assistants, dressing rooms, lack of work, long hours, the script and almost anything else. Being labeled a complainer can damage the career of even the most talented actor. Word does get around.



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