Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan on Helping Las Vegas Charity Rebuild After Fire


Chuck Brennan is the Las Vegas, Nevada owner of Dollar Loan Center and Clark County Collection Service. His dedication to providing honest, compassionate service to his many customers has led Chuck Brennan to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in his industry. With a background in music, business, and finance, Chuck Brennan is also founder of Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, a non-profit that provides music lessons to the children of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire at no charge.

Chuck Brennan

Chuck Brennan and his company Dollar Loan Center stepped in when the Opportunity Village thrift shop was destroyed in a fire. According to Chuck Brennan, the celebrated Las Vegas, Nev., attraction assists Opportunity Village in its mission of helping people with intellectual disabilities increase their quality of life. Chuck Brennan explains the store’s importance in the

Las Vegas area and how Dollar Loan Center worked to get them back in business.

ZRYLW: What does Opportunity Village do?

Chuck Brennan: Opportunity Village, based in Las Vegas, Nev., manages job training and organizes employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

ZRYLW: How many people does Opportunity Village serve?

Chuck Brennan: Opportunity Village has assisted thousands of people in the Las Vegas area since its inception.

ZRYLW: How well-known is the Opportunity Village thrift shop?

Chuck Brennan: Celebrities like Elvis Presley and Bob Hope used to visit the shops and often donated their personal effects to be sold there.

ZRYLW: How long has this location been in business?

Chuck Brennan: This particular storefront has been part of the Opportunity Village family for 56 years.

ZRYLW: Are the donations through the Dollar Loan Center exclusively for the store?

Chuck Brennan: Yes, all the money donated will be used to rebuild the thrift shop.

ZRYLW: So, what kind of business is the Dollar Loan Center?

Chuck Brennan: Dollar Loan Center provides short-term loans for people in Utah, South Dakota, California and Nevada.

ZRYLW: How did these efforts help employees of the thrift shop?

Chuck Brennan: The thrift shop employs several people, so the store is crucial to them.

ZRYLW: Will they stay employed by the shop?

Chuck Brennan: That’s the main objective. Speeding up the rebuilding efforts will ensure that these hard-working individuals can keep their jobs.

ZRYLW: What other Dollar Loan Center initiatives give back to the community?

Chuck Brennan: Dollar Loan Center donates $100 a day to Opportunity Village for each day that the temperature in Las Vegas reaches 100 degrees.

ZRYLW: But that’s not all, right?

Chuck Brennan: Right. During the rebuilding and remodeling process, Dollar Loan Center will double this amount to $200.

ZRYLW: Of course it gets quite hot in Vegas.

Chuck Brennan: It sure does. The fact that money is going to charity makes the massive heat an easier pill to swallow.

ZRYLW: Where can people find out more information about Opportunity Village?

Chuck Brennan: For details about special events, program and volunteer opportunities, their website is

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