Collex Collision Experts Provides Superior Collision Damage Repair Services


Collex Collision Experts bill themselves as a comfortable solution to an uncomfortable problem. The warm and knowledgeable staff at Collex Collision Experts understands the frustrations that come with a car accident. Anyone who has ever needed auto body repair after an accident knows how trying the experience can be. From insurance adjustors to delays caused by special order parts, Collex Collision Experts knows that getting back on the road after an accident can be a time consuming and stressful affair. That is why Collex Collision Experts are committed to customer service and top quality repairs.

Proper collision damage repair is absolutely necessary to maintain the safety and performance of any automobile. Collex Collision Experts use the latest manufacturers’ specifications to restore each model car to its pre-collision state. The experienced technicians at Collex Collision Experts use premium quality equipment and materials for every repair. Collex Collision Experts maintains a suite of state-of-the-art machinery and software operated by auto body professionals personally trained at Collex University in Clinton Township.

Collex Collision Experts began as a family owned body shop located in Warren, Michigan in 1974. Since then, Collex Collision Experts founder and CEO John Gagliano has seen the operation grow into a national organization reaching all the way to Fort Meyers, Florida. All the while, Collex Collision Experts have held on to their formula for success. With customer satisfaction as their first priority, Collex Collision Experts have become an industry leader from little more than referrals, repeat business, and word of mouth advertising.

With a reputation based on quality service and civic involvement, Collex Collision Experts work hard to remain a community favorite. Collex Collision Experts never stops educating staff and updating technology for greatest service and efficiency. Collex Collision Experts takes pride in a reputation as the most reliable and friendly auto body shop in the Metro-Detroit area.

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  1. Today Collex Collision Experts remains the leader of Metro-Detroit’s highly competitive collision repair industry. Collex Collision Experts is also becoming known in Southwest Florida for the same high quality service.

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