Collex Collision Goes the Extra Mile to Serve Customers


Collex Collision knows that cars are the primary source of American transportation. Collex Collision says when an accident damages a driver’s car life can become very inconvenient, even troublesome. Collex Collision notes that most drivers rely on their cars for necessary everyday activities like getting to work and getting the kids around town. For this reason, Collex Collision wants to get drivers back on the road as soon as possible, with no unnecessary hassles along the way.

Collex Collision provides several key comforts to customers who have lost the use of their car due to an accident. One Collex Collision amenity is a fleet of courtesy vehicles maintained by Collex Collision. For drivers who do not have rental coverage in their policies, Collex Collision offers the use of a company owned courtesy vehicle. There are a few restrictions on the courtesy vehicle policy, and Collex Collision recommends contacting a company representative for the details.

Collex Collision also offers a convenient service called Auto Watch. While a driver is waiting for their automobile repairs, Collex Collision says they no longer have to wonder how far along the repairs are or what is going on with the vehicle. Auto Watch is an online service offered by Collex Collision that allows drivers to track the repair of their car. The Collex Collision repair team takes periodic digital photos of every car being worked on and posts them to the Internet. Using Auto Watch, a client can track the progress of their repairs and the date of completion. Clients can also email the shop manager directly through Auto Watch if they have any further questions.

Getting to and from a body shop can be a real chore. Collex Collision solves this problem by offering a pick-up and delivery service. Distance is no longer a factor when it comes to choosing Collex Collision for auto body repair needs. Collex Collision will pick up and then deliver a client’s vehicle to any point within 30 miles of a Collex Collision repair facility. Call a Collex Collision representative for details, or to schedule a pick up or delivery.

For more information about Collex Collision, call 888-426-5539 or visit them on the web at

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  1. Collex Collision is dedicated to building a bond between individuals that springs from shared values. Collex Collision embraces honesty, respect, trust and excellence in its daily interactions with customers.

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