Mario Romano Colts Neck Demonstrates the Power of Determination


The power of determination cannot be underestimated, according to Colts Neck resident Mario Romano. Romano, a financial management educator with Wealth Engineering, has seen what an unflappable demeanor can bring. “When I was in school at St. John’s University,” Colts Neck’s Mario Romano explains, “I was determined to make the most of my education as well as my internships.” With his sights set high, Mario Romano of Colts Neck was able to secure internships with some heavy hitters on Wall Street, a move that put him well ahead of his classmates. “Looking back, I realize the strength of my resolve to secure an outstanding internship was so great that I didn’t stop until I had one,” Colts Neck citizen Mario Romano recalls.

With his iron will, future Colts Neck resident Mario Romano moved straight from college and into the corporate world. He sought to garner positions of leadership early in his career and succeeded. The road to Mario Romano’s executive status wasn’t an easy one. “It is hard to stay focused on a goal in the midst of trials,” admits Colts Neck’s Mario Romano. One such trial for Mario Romano was his relocation from city life to a neighborhood in Colts Neck, New Jersey. “When my family moved to Colts Neck, I had to leave behind just about everything I knew,” Mario Romano explains.

Upon his arrival to Colts Neck, Mario Romano saw a void in local youth sports. Familiar with the strong athletic and academic benefits of Pop Warner Football, Mario Romano felt Colts Neck children shouldn’t have to drive to other towns to participate. Mario Romano joined with a group of Colts Neck friends and set out to raise the funds needed to purchase equipment and pay other startup costs. He was determined to bring their vision to fruition. When his brother was killed in a car accident, Mario Romano of Colts Neck had a decision to make; he could give up, or he could press ahead with a greater sense of urgency and purpose. Colts Neck’s Mario Romano chose the latter, and donations began arriving with requests for a field to be purchased in his brother’s memory.

Today, the Pop Warner Football league that Mario Romano helped to start in Colts Neck has grown from 55 to over 350 children. “It is amazing to think what would’ve happened if we had given up after my brother Donny’s death,” Mario Romano of Colts Neck considers. However, with great determination the project was completed. Currently, Mario Romano works for Wealth Engineering, a company he cofounded with master marketer Annette Raynor. “A partnership can be challenging with different personalities involved,” Colts Neck’s Mario Romano admits, “but we are determined to make it work, and we will.”

Colts Neck resident Mario Romano began his career on Wall Street in 1982. Studying under some of the most prestigious financial professionals of our time before moving to Colts Neck, New Jersey, Mario Romano graduated from St. John’s University well ahead of his class. Relocating to Colts Neck, Mario Romano continued serving as an executive with a select group of Wall Street institutions. With the extensive experience he gained, Colts Neck’s Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering in 2005. Mario Romano brings over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience to his mission of providing financial education to the masses worldwide. Mario Romano resides in Colts Neck, New Jersey with his wife Gina and their three children. In his local community of Colts Neck, Mario Romano is known as a key proponent of youth sports and education for the instrumental role he played in bringing Pop Warner Football to Colts Neck.

About Mario Romano Colts Neck

In 1982 while attending college, Mario Romano of Colts Neck, New Jersey began his career on Wall Street with Lehman Brothers. For over fifteen years, Colts Neck community member Mario Romano held several executive level positions with top name Wall Street institutions.

Early in 2000, Colts Neck local Mario Romano began building an equity hedge fund dedicated to the individual investor. Based in Colts Neck, New Jersey Mario held the CEO position of Romano Enterprises LLC until 2004. During this time, Romano suffered a heartbreaking loss when his youngest sibling was tragically killed in a car accident. Although devastating, Colts Neck resident Mario Romano witnessed a terrible tragedy turn to generosity for a great dream and cause – a youth football program.

Around the same time he founded Mario Enterprises LLC, Mario Romano noticed that his local community of Colts Neck lacked a youth football program. Being told by Colts Neck officials that money was not available for a Pop Warner football program, Mario Romano set out to raise the necessary funds. Mario Romano witnessed a miracle take place for Colts Neck. Over $100,000 was given in the memory of Mario Romano’s younger brother to help fund the Colts Neck Pop Warner football program.

In the first year of the Colts Neck Pop Warner football program that Mario Romano helped establish, fifty-five children signed up for involvement. Over the next four years Mario Romano’s Colts Neck dream exploded with growth adding 350 active students. The local paper proclaimed the success with a headline that read: “Colts Neck Community Maker Mario Romano: Committed to Building Youngsters’ Character Through Pop Warner Football.”

With a successful business and a growing Colts Neck football program, Mario Romano stumbled onto a problem plaguing many financial investors in 2004. Colts Neck-based Mario Romano observed that aspiring investors often lacked the ability or means to conduct effective market research. In January of 2005, Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering and Development to help investors from “Colts Neck to Hot Springs, California” effectively invest by having the right knowledge, no matter the size of market. Mario Romano and partner Annette Raynor worked to secure large contractual agreements with InvestView platform of Global Investor Services Inc. In addition, Mario Romano has secured the InvestView program for millions of investors outside of the United States.

Today, bringing over twenty-five years of experience, Colts Neck resident Mario Romano works to provide accurate information to new and aspiring investors through a complete online-based financial education and analysis tools program. From top-quality webinars to data analysis, Colts Neck local Mario Romano and Wealth Engineering and Development help investors invest effectively and grow their personal wealth. During his many years of experience in New York and Colts Neck, Mario Romano has worked to hone motivational skills that allowed him to grow and manage a group of 100 stockbrokers. He now works to motivate and educate individuals on a global scale.

A graduate of the St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and communications, Mario Romano and wife Gina reside in Colts Neck, New Jersey with their three children.

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