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According to PFGBEST, one of the most significant events to rock the U.S. financial market in decades has begun. This event is the listing of and public trading of a product called single stock futures (SSF). According to the PFGBEST website, “The world is changing and people are taking control of their futures and their portfolios.”

Single stock futures, by definition, are future contracts with the underlying asset of a publicly-traded security. Perhaps you have traded stocks. Perhaps you have traded futures. With single stock futures, an investor can speculate on the direction of one stock (or a sector) or hedge risk associated with their existing portfolio. Single stock futures, according to PFGBEST, are an asset class that took years to develop and bring to market.    Continuing the PFGBEST commitment to education, the company actively supports various educational entities devoted to how single stock futures work, why they might be useful to you as a personal investor or trader, and how to access ongoing research concerning single stock futures.

Savvy investors know they must find opportunity where it exists – and then take advantage of it. To be successful in investing, it is necessary to stay ahead of the learning curve as new asset classes become available. According to the PFGBEST website, staying ahead of that curve often means an investor must learn to trade the world’s most popular stocks in “the other stock market.” When it comes to an investment portfolio, PFGBEST helps clients stay ahead of that curve and find opportunity, wherever it may be.

It is important to note, according to PFGBEST, that single stock futures are not suitable for all types of investors. The PFGBEST website, and any National Futures Association -compliant entity, is clear that there is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Also available on the PFGBEST website is a downloadable security futures risk disclosure. Another link on the PFGBEST website allows investors to obtain an additional required security futures risk disclosure statement.

While single stock futures trading has its risks, PFGBEST brings education to the forefront. In the PFGBEST simulated training program BEST Test, a client is able to begin the learning process and practice in the area of trading or investing in single stock futures. A 30-day free trial with the PFGBEST simulation software (BEST Test) may be the first best step in SSF practice trading.

PFGBEST focuses on sustainable investing for long-term probability of success for customers by offering a diverse suite of trading technologies, products and services.  The company provides low barrier to entry opportunitites as well as solutions for highly-sophisticated, advanced investors.  Services offered include commodity trading accounts, futures, forex, options, managed investments, trading systems, research, global services, simulated trading, branch/IB networking, physical metals, and investor education.  For more information, visit PFGBEST online at or call 855-734-2378.


PFGBEST focuses on sustainable investing for customers by offering a diverse suite of trading technologies, products and services – with an emphasis on low barrier-to-entry opportunities. PFGBEST is one of the largest non-bank, non-clearing U.S. futures commission merchants, with customers, affiliates and brokerage offices in more than 80 countries.

PFGBEST has ranked for more than 11 consecutive years as one of the nation’s Top 50 Brokers.  PFGBEST has more than $500 million in customer assets in segregated futures and forex accounts.

PFGBEST has created and owns its own trading and back office technologies.  PFGBEST’s proprietary platform BESTDirect®  was among the first electronic futures and forex trading platforms to connect retail customers directly to exchanges in 1998.

PFGBEST, through its model of customer-driven technology, makes sure that PFGBEST and customers using its platforms, are connected directly to global exchange order entry systems and market data for speed, efficiency, and simplicity in trade execution.

PFGBEST offers managed investments through the PFGBEST Managed Futures division, along with its core suite of products including futures, forex and options, full-service brokerage, precious metals, trader education, research, and, of course, direct online trading.  PFGBEST trading professionals have created blended portfolios that are customized and managed to meet the great demand for diversification and enhanced return strategies incorporating futures, forex, stocks, and options.  A broad, global distribution network of more than 700 IBs, GIBs and brokers is helping PFGBEST’s business grow at a remarkable pace.

The brand PFGBEST and slogan, “The BEST thing about our technology is our people” stand for the ability to help find solutions for investors and traders through one-on-one customer advocacy and technological innovation in futures, foreign exchange, options, managed accounts, and other alternative asset classes.

The team at PFGBEST considers it a privilege to serve customers and their accounts, and PFGBEST represents client interests in extensive industry thought leadership – through the media, at global conferences, as published authors, spokespersons and as partners.

For more information on PFGBEST, call 855-PFGBEST (855-734-2378) or 319-553-2172, or visit them at

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