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Doug Battista, Jenny Craig’s President of North America Field Operations, is a business leader with a long and focused career. As far back as high school, Doug Battista knew that he wanted to work with people and so after graduation, enrolled at Niagara University where he obtained a BS in Travel Tourism and Hospitality Administration. As his interest in business intensified, Doug Battista continued his education at the University of Hartford, earning his Masters in Organizational Behavior and thus setting into motion events that would lead this East Coast native to relocate to California.

Doug Battista has traveled throughout Europe, but one of his favorite places is a popular tourist destination for Americans: London. For your next visit to London, Doug Battista recommends hitting these hot spots:

  • Tower of London—There are many free historic things to see in London and the Tower of London is one of them, according to Doug Battista. Learn the dark history and see the Crown Jewels while you’re there. Also known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, Doug Battista explains that the Tower of London is a castle that dates back to 1066. Beginning as early as 1100, the castle was used as a prison, Doug Battista explains, which gives visitors a glimpse into a darker side of London.
  • Hyde Park—One of the most interesting sites on a London tour, Doug Battista says that a Sunday afternoon visit to Hyde Park will be like nothing you’ve experienced. Doug Battista explains that “Speaker’s Corner” allows different “speakers” to loudly discuss or display signage on any subject they deem appropriate, without the law stepping in. Because Speaker’s Corner dates back to the 1800s, Doug Battista asserts that it is a part of London you won’t want to miss.
  • Buckingham Palace—Be careful what time of year you visit London if you want to see Buckingham Palace, Doug Battista warns. Buckingham Palace allows you to tour 19 of its rooms during certain times of the year, according to Doug Battista. During this tour, Doug Battista says you’ll also see paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens, along with some of the other treasures from the Royal Collection.
  • Big Ben—Attached to the Houses of Parliament, and another London tourist must-see, Doug Battista explains that Big Ben was installed in 1844. It took two tries, Doug Battista tells us, as the original bell cracked and had to be melted down and redone. In 1859, the second Big Ben bell rang throughout Westminster for the first time.
  • The Sherlock Holmes Museum— Doug Battista urges fans of the timeless detective to visit 221b Baker Street, the original setting for the fictional stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The government has put the home at the famous address under protected status and now it stands as a museum and popular tourist destination.

According to Doug Battista, there are many other sites in London to visit, but these are a few he enjoys most.

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