Belleville Indoor Shooting Range Brings You Out of the Cold and Into the Heat


Belleville Indoor Shooting Range knows that with winter fast approaching gun enthusiasts are finishing up outdoor hunting activities and preparing for winter. That is why Belleville Indoor Shooting Range continues to grow in order to serve the gun community in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

Open seven days a week, Belleville Indoor Shooting Range offers a broad range of shooting services. With an indoor 25 yard shooting range that is heated and cooled, Belleville Indoor Shooting Range provides a world class environment regardless of the weather outside.

At Belleville Indoor Shooting Range, owner Steven King is a certified NRA firearms instructor and oversees the range. Offering a full line of guns as well as consignment weapons for sale, Belleville Indoor Shooting Range provides a unique shooting experience. As cold weather approaches, gun owners throughout southern Illinois are making plans to visit Belleville Indoor Shooting Range.

One thought on “Belleville Indoor Shooting Range Brings You Out of the Cold and Into the Heat”

  1. One of the many great services of Belleville Indoor Shooting Range, allows gun enthusiasts to indulged in their hobby without letting the cold winter weather spoil their fun. With the convenience of the Belleville Indoor Shooting Range you can take part in a broad range of shooting services, rain or shine, cold or hot.

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