Gregory Leb Talks About the Beauty of Ponte Vedra


Located just eighteen miles from downtown Jacksonville, Florida, Ponte Vedra Beach is miles of beautiful, sandy beach among the much-loved Jacksonville beaches. For Gregory Leb, Ponte Vedra provides a great escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jacksonville, where he has worked as national account manager for Sissine’s Office Systems for the past five years.

Known as the home of the ATP Tour, PGA Tour, and The Players Championship, Ponte Vedra Beach is reportedly the home of several professional golfers, including Bob Duval, David Duval, Fred Funk, and Jim Furyk, Gregory Leb says. PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem also calls Ponte Vedra home. The area is popular for golf, partly thanks to a high-quality plot of land called Sawgrass development, according to Gregory Leb. Gregory Leb remembers when the city offered half of the property to the commissioner of the PGA Tour at the time for only a dollar. Gregory Leb says the one-dollar deal brought all of these golf groups to Ponte Vedra, which in turn increased national interest in the touristy area.

Other famous Ponte Vedra residents, according to Gregory Leb, are Kim Alexis, football player Tony Boselli, and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. Gregory Leb points out that the area is home to two highly rated resorts—Ponte Vedra Inn and Club and the Lodge and Club. Most of the beaches in Ponte Vedra have limited public access, Gregory Leb relates, allowing Ponte Vedra residents to enjoy privacy and exclusivity.

Gregory Leb’s home of Ponte Vedra has a population listed as 35,400 in 2005, the same year Ponte Vedra was a finalist for CNN’s and Money Magazine’s list of the best places to live. Gregory Leb says it was one of only four areas in the state of Florida to make the finalist list.

About Gregory Leb

Gregory Leb, Sissine’s Office Systems’ national account representative, is committed to a simple motto, “Live well, and serve well.” An avid car collector and longtime cross fitness enthusiast, Gregory Leb has lived his life with a focus toward appreciating common things and embracing his good fortune.

Every man needs a man. For Gregory Leb that man was his stepfather who was a boxer in the Navy.  Gregory Leb was naturally drawn to athletics as most young men are. For Gregory Leb athletics included the study of boxing. Encouraged by his parents, he started his boxing career with the Jacksonville, Florida police athletic league, working his way up to Super Middle Weight by his mid-teens. Gregory Leb continues a health oriented lifestyle that includes boxing which he says could add up to more than twenty-nine years physical fitness that has included boxing. Among his sports heroes he includes boxing greats such as Manny Pacquiao, Mohammed Ali, and Roy Jones, Jr. Gregory Leb continues to be active in a local Jacksonville gym specializing in martial arts, and self-defense; disciplines that benefit from Greg’s early passion for boxing.

Gregory Leb has been employed by Sissine’s Office Systems since 2006. As national account manager, he represents the Northwest Florida and South Georgia region’s top supplier of Lanier and Copystar brand copiers. Sissine’s has been in business for 25 years, with an emphasis on providing office automation solutions to businesses. Prior to his employment with Sissine’s Office Systems, Gregory Leb was a freelance marketing coordinator for Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida and marketing director for Lamborghini North America in Jacksonville Florida. During his time with Lamborghini, Leb was able to secure a deal with Universal for eight television shows with the Diablo Roadster. A life well lived indeed.

Gregory Leb’s interest in cars extends far beyond his employment with Lamborghini. He regularly participates in specialized auto racing around the country. He is a member of car clubs and has inherited a passion for collecting both vintage and new sports cars from his father who is also a car collector.

In addition to his love of cars, Gregory Leb also has a deep love for golden retrievers. He has a golden retriever named Molly who is two-and-a-half years old, which he bought from a breeder in Georgia. He and Molly live in Pointe Vedra Beach, right outside of Jacksonville.

As busy as he is, Gregory Leb puts a high priority on his charitable work. He is involved with the Mary Saulzbacher Homeless Shelter in Jacksonville, as well as Second Harvest Food Bank’s Lutheran Social Services. He supports both United Way and Cathedral Foundation Meals on Wheels.

Fitness, passion and charity have combined to shape a life that does embrace his simple motto; live well, serve well.

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