Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) on the Definition of Kosher


Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) is the largest kosher certification agency in the Western U.S. With the active support of synagogues and rabbis representing a cross-section of the Jewish community, Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) puts its stamp on certified kosher grocery products across the globe.

KSA Kosher Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher), which specializes in Kashrus certification, is a not-for-profit agency located in the western United States. KSA Kosher has received recognition by rabbinical associations all across the world. Here, KSA Kosher explains the basic rules of being kosher.

ZRYLW: Thank you for taking the time to discuss Kosher foods with us today.

KSA Kosher: Thank you for having me.

ZRYLW: What does the term “kosher” mean?

KSA Kosher: “Kosher” typically refers to things that are “proper” or “fit.”

ZRYLW: In what ways is the term “kosher” used?

KSA Kosher: In most cases, the term “kosher” is utilized as a description of foods permitted to be eaten by those who are in observance of Jewish dietary law.

ZRYLW: What kinds of foods are considered non-kosher?

KSA Kosher: Food is considered non-kosher for a number of different reasons.

ZRYLW: Such as?

KSA Kosher: Reasons include the animal species, improper processing or slaughtering procedures and the usage of ingredients.

ZRYLW: Is eating meat allowed?

KSA Kosher: Some meats are kosher, but meat and dairy cannot be mixed.

ZRYLW: What about food preparation?

KSA Kosher: Food must be prepared with non-kosher equipment or utensils.

ZRYLW: I’ve heard the term “kashrus,” too. What does “kashrus” mean?

KSA Kosher: “Kashrus” is a term used to define the concept of these dairy laws. It pertains to the kinds of foods that are permitted for both consumption, as well as their preparation.

ZRYLW: Are rules standard across the board?

KSA Kosher: Each food category is subject to a certain set of laws.

ZRYLW: What meats are labeled as kosher?

KSA Kosher: The Torah regards kosher animals as ones who have split hooves and chew their own cud.

ZRYLW: And these are?

KSA Kosher: Veal, lamb and beef are kosher meats.

ZRYLW: Not pork?

KSA Kosher: Pork is not.Wild game is also not certified kosher.

ZRYLW: What seafood is not allowed?

KSA Kosher: Squid, shellfish and mollusks are not kosher. Eel isn’t either.

ZRYLW: How do food preparers learn to keep foods kosher?

KSA Kosher: Butchers require special training so that they are aware of which cuts of meat can be certified kosher and how to prepare them.

ZRYLW: How popular is being kosher?

KSA Kosher: Over 7 million Americans designate themselves as kosher.

ZRYLW: That’s quite a number.

KSA Kosher: Definitely. In fact, kosher products account for $150 billion in food sales each year.

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