Eat Healthy to Prevent Cancer and Disease, Says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure


Kelley D. Hamilton has overseen the operations of the Bonaventure family of companies since 2001. Currently serving as Chief Executive Officer and owner of Bonaventure Construction, Kelley D. Hamilton coordinates all construction for Bonaventure Senior Housing in Salem, Oregon.

Kelley Hamilton Bonaventure

Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living knows a thing or two about seniors. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure believes that seniors who want to feel better and live healthier should pay attention to what’s in their kitchen. As chief executive officer, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living makes sure the company’s chefs prepare a variety of healthy meal options.

According to Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure, about a third of all cancers could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight through nutritious diet and regular

exercise, researchers have found. Emerging science also states what combination of foods appears to offer the most protection against cancer, says Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure. Below, Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure talks about the health benefits fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

ZRYLW:  We’re glad you could join us today, Kelley. Thank you for coming.

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: It’s my pleasure.

ZRYLW:  Healthy and delicious food is often listed as a reason people make their homes at Bonaventure Senior Living. Is it really that good?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Our food is exceptional. Our chefs prepare nutritious and delicious dishes every day. They only use the finest and freshest ingredients to keep our seniors healthy and strong.

ZRYLW:  Research shows that certain foods can help prevent diseases and some even offer protection against cancer. Does your menu reflect these studies?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Absolutely. Our menus consist of natural foods that offer functional benefits, and certain ingredients rise to the top of our menu.

ZRYLW:  Can you name some of the ingredients?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Salmon, for example, is a great source of healthy protein and fats. Our chefs prepare fabulous salmon.

ZRYLW:  Are vegetables and grains served with most meals?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Yes, we serve a lot of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and kale. They are known to release enzymes into the body, which break down chemicals that cause cancer and may slow tumor growth. Tomatoes are great, too. They contain an antioxidant that helps prevent breast, bladder, cervical, lung, colorectal, prostate and skin cancer. Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are filling and healthy.

ZRYLW:  What are some good cancer fighting fruits?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Blueberries, cherries, plums, red and purple grapes contain anthocyanins and antioxidants that help neutralize cancer-causing substances and may prevent stomach cancer. Our seniors like to add them to cereal, yogurt or pudding.

ZRYLW:  So anything with natural bright color is a good choice?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: The easiest way to eat healthy is to think colors. The more colors on your plate, the more nutrients in your body.

ZRYLW:  What do seniors at Bonaventure eat for breakfast?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Whole grains are healthy, so we encourage our residents to start their day with at least two servings of whole grains, such as a full bowl of oatmeal, bran cereal, or two slices of whole wheat toast.

ZRYLW:  Any healthy drinks you can recommend?

Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO: Green tea is wonderful because it contains antioxidants that can help protect against colon, skin and stomach cancer. Iced or hot tea is a healthy addition to any menu.


Kelley Hamilton, Bonaventure CEO, manages an assisted living community where seniors live life on their own terms. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure joined the company in 2001. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure oversees the company’s 4,500 units across the country. Kelley Hamilton of Bonaventure lives in Oregon.

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