Margaret Suanne Bone Shares Her Love of Cooking


Margaret Suanne Bone serves as the Executive Director of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a non-profit statewide bar organization. In this position, Margaret Suanne Bone is responsible for the Association’s bi-monthly publication, For the Defense. Margaret Suanne Bone also assists the Association’s Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Executive Committee in all legislative activities and manages internal and external communication duties. Additionally, Margaret Suanne Bone coordinates meetings, trainings and seminars and acquires suitable space for these functions.

Margaret Suanne Bone first grew to love cooking while she was attending law school. Encouraged by her friend and fellow law school student Allison, she gradually got hooked on the hobby in her spare time. It’s been an enjoyable activity ever since, says Margaret Suanne Bone. In Allison’s words, if one can read, one can cook.

Margaret Suanne Bone began by grilling meats such as pork, chicken and beef, as well as fresh vegetables. Her best advice for beginners is to first rely on recipes that contain simple instructions. Newbies should choose recipes without a long list of ingredients, to keep the process easy and the grocery bill down. Starting with traditional cookbooks and sticking with well-known foods will also boost a new cook’s chances of success. In the early stages, meals can focus on typical staples of an American diet such as beans, pasta, eggs and lean meats. Rice and stir-fry dishes, which feature whole grains and vegetables, have become increasingly popular as well.

Margaret Suanne Bone was fortunate to have a family that enjoyed cooking a variety of different cuisines. To further influence her culinary pursuits, her mother gave her a treasure trove of dessert and casserole recipes. Margaret Suanne Bone gushes that both of her grandmothers were excellent cooks. Her paternal grandmother, Margaret Bone, had a reputation for creating delicious desserts with chocolate, most notably her Presbyterian sheet cakes. Margaret Suanne Bone also notes that her maternal grandmother, Susie Bond, had a special knack for tasty sweets. Another treat at Sunday dinners was creamed corn.

After learning the basic steps of cooking, Margaret Suanne Bone continues the tradition while experimenting with many tastes and textures. Some invaluable lessons have prevented her from a major kitchen catastrophe. When adding herbs and spices, she errs on the side of caution. When adjusting a recipe, she makes minor changes instead of completely straying from the instructions. Most importantly for Margaret Suanne Bone, her kitchen is a place for both fun and imagination. Inexperienced cooks should not stress out about mistakes.

Margaret Suanne Bone believes that cooking should be high on quality and flavor with as many healthy ingredients as possible. A homemade garden is a terrific way to grow food that contains none of the pesticides found in supermarket items. This summer Margaret Suanne Bone and her friend Melanie have decided to can okra grown in Melanie’s garden.

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