Mendel Mintz Discusses the Ski to Live Program


Mendel Mintz is an ordained Chabad Rabbi serving in Aspen, Colorado. As the head Rabbi of the Chabad Jewish Community Center, Mendel Mintz is responsible for the spiritual guidance of his congregation as well as the religious education of the Chabad youth.
Mendel Mintz was born and raised on Brooklyn, New York, where he attended Oholei Torah, the first institute of its kind dedicated strictly to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Rabbi Mendel Mintz also studied in Israel and continues to educate himself and others in the teaching of Torah.
Under the leadership of Rabbi Mintz, construction is currently underway on one of the most impressive centers for Jewish life in the Western United States and the first Jewish Center in the Aspen Valley. Through the new JCC, Mendel Mintz will offer Shabbat services and community outreach programs as well as childcare and a traditional mikvah.
Mendel Mintz is married to wife Lieba. They have five children and currently reside in Aspen.

Mendel Mintz is executive director of the Chabad Jewish Community Center, which brings the Aspen Jewish community together. Several years ago, Mendel Mintz began a program called Golshim L’Chaim: Ski to Live, a program that brings wounded Israeli veterans to Aspen for a week of skiing and healing. Below, Rabbi Mendel Mintz answers questions about Ski to Live, a program that recently caught the attention of a documentary filmmaker.

Q: You founded Ski to Live several years ago. Can you explain the program?

Mendel Mintz: I’d be happy to! Golshim L’Chaim brings wounded Israeli veterans to Aspen for a week each year for Ski to Live. We teach them to ski and snowboard, as well as provide the experience to meet the great Jewish community at the center.

Q: You provide lodging and meals to these veterans while they’re in town?

Mendel Mintz: Yes, they stay with us while they’re in town and we provide all meals.

Q: How does the Chabad Community Center pay for Golshim L’Chaim?

Mendel Mintz: The program is funded through generous donations of our members and other members of the Jewish community who recognize the important role these soldiers played in defending their homeland.

Q: Tell us a little about Beyond the Boundaries.

Mendel Mintz: Beyond the Bound is a film that chronicles the journey of four injured Israeli vets as they travel to Colorado to participate in Golshim L’Chaim. It was directed by an award-winning director and it has been making the rounds of film festivals around the world. Nina Zale produced it and I highly recommend people see this inspiring film.

Q: Ski to Live isn’t just about skiing and snowboarding, is it?

Mendel Mintz: Ski to Live helps these veterans develop self-esteem and confidence, as well as give them a newfound feeling of independence and accomplishment.

Q: How much does it cost to bring soldiers over for Golshim L’Chaim: Ski to Live?

Mendel Mintz: The cost of sponsoring only one soldier for the week is $5,000, so every donation is put to good use.

Q: How do I get involved?

Mendel Mintz: To donate, go to and fill out the form. Your money will go toward the 2013 Golshim L’Chaim: Ski to Live.

Rabbi Mendel Mintz lives in Aspen, where he helps inspire and educate the Jewish community. Mendel Mintz and the Chabad Community Center welcomes Jews of all backgrounds.

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