Interview with Nationwide Relocation Services – The Three Types of Moving Services


Nationwide Relocation Services (NRS) is a moving brokerage company based in Margate, Florida. The team at NRS coordinates and facilitates moves and relocations nationwide through its network of qualified, vetted and FMCSA-authorized motor carriers. Nationwide Relocation Services carefully examines and monitors each company it contracts on behalf of customers for performance, equipment, procedures and adherence to the highest industry standards. The firm guarantees consumers the smoothest and most professional moving experience possible.

78652242 For many potential clients of Nationwide Relocation Services, the number one question on their minds is, “Do we really need a mover?” And, with numerous choices available for moving assistance, the team at Nationwide Relocation Services wants to inform potential clients about the available options. Here, Nationwide Relocation Services provides information about the three different kinds of moving services.

Zrylw: Hello, thanks for visiting with us today.

Nationwide Relocation Services: My pleasure.

Zrylw: First of all, what is typically the most popular option for long-distance moving clients?

Nationwide Relocation Services: We tell most of our clients that full-service is the right fit if they are traveling more than 100 miles.

Zrylw: Are there other scenarios in which full-service be the best choice?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Yes, sometimes. If physical or time restraints are a factor, or if driving and labor would be best handled by another person, then full-service should be the route you consider.

Zrylw: What if I have budgetary constraints?

Nationwide Relocation Services: In this case, many clients will believe that getting a U-Haul or van is the best option.

Zrylw: But that’s not necessarily true…

Nationwide Relocation Services: Yes, because most people will forget to consider the ancillary charges related to the move.

Zrylw: What should be factored into a budget?

Nationwide Relocation Services: You should figure in the cost of gas, food and motels on the road and tools.

Zrylw: Will I be responsible for insurance on the vehicle?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Yes, and rates will vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Zrylw: Movers will require payment as well, right?

Nationwide Relocation Services: If help is required for either loading or unloading, plan for movers to cost about $25 an hour.

Zrylw: Does the price change if it’s a long-distance move?

Nationwide Relocation Services: If your move is farther than 1000 miles, the full-service mover may be the same price as a self-move. Sometimes it’s even less.

Zrylw: So how can I determine the right fit?

Nationwide Relocation Services: We recommend contacting a few reputable movers to receive quotes on the particular project.

Zrylw: What’s the third option then?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The latest option in today’s market is the usage of containers. This has become quite popular with many customers.

Zrylw: How does this work?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A container is delivered to the home, and then the individual will load it. Afterwards, the container is picked up and shipped to the new location.

Zrylw: So is this more inexpensive then?

Nationwide Relocation Services: People will actually be surprised after receiving a price quote. But thorough research is always recommended.

Zrylw: Why do costs fluctuate?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The cost depends on the number of miles, the area of the country, and how much the full inventory weighs.

Zrylw: Will any companies provide trucks for the client?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Certain companies will deliver a truck to the home and provide a trained driver to take it to the new location. This will often save money compared to full-service moves.

Zrylw: We appreciate your insight on this topic.

Nationwide Relocation Services: It’s no problem. The more information is available, the better your choice will be.

Nationwide Relocation Services has assisted numerous families in achieving their dreams and settling into their brand-new home.


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