Peter Spittler Architectural Services Provides Program Management Services


Based in Cleveland, Peter Spittler Architectural Services offers more than just blue prints and design. Our group is known throughout North America, and beyond for creating one of a kind buildings for a diverse range of structural needs and aesthetic tastes. As well, Peter Spittler Architectural Services has had a hand in international design projects across South America.

Boasting some of the nation’s best Architects and Engineers, Peter Spittler Architectural Services offers clients an impressive portfolio of projects from which to draw inspiration. For those with a unique plan in mind, Peter Spittler Architectural Services is more than capable of starting with a blank slate and can work around terrain and local building code challenges.

Peter Spittler Architectural Services understands that construction and development projects are complex and require profound attention to detail and laser-sharp focus on timelines and resources.  In the following Q&A, Peter Spittler Architectural Services describes the essential role of the Project Manager.

Q:  Describe how the Project Manager fits within the overall design and build process.

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  During a construction project, an architect assigned by Peter Spittler Architectural Services will work closely with the construction project manager in the office of the General Contractor, while at the same time coordinate the work of the design team and consultants, and manage communications with the client.  With this many balls in the air, it is essential that the Peter Spittler Architectural Services team has someone dedicated to ensuring the project is on-track as related to timelines, resources, and quality; this is where the Project Manager comes in.

Q:  It sounds like the Project Manager Position is a big responsibility.  What experience do Project Managers require?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Yes, this position carries tremendous responsibility and requires the right skills and personality to ensure project success.  The Project Managers at Peter Spittler Architectural Services are experts in their field with extensive experience in architecture, engineering and construction.  They are licensed architects, with the know-how to oversee even the most complex projects.

Q:  Is the Project Manager only involved in the final implementation/build of a project?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  No, depending on the project, Project Managers can be involved in projects from initiation, all the way through design, construction, and occupancy.

Q:  Other than the architectural experience, what are some of the most important characteristics of a strong Project Manager?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Project Managers must have exceptional communication skills.  They must be able to lead and direct the work of their colleagues at Peter Spittler Architectural Services, interact with high-level, fastidious clients, and relay project needs, challenges, and solutions in a thoughtful, thorough and timely manner.  In addition, a great project manager must possess uncommon attention to detail.  The flow, pace, and overall quality of each project is dependent on the Project Manager’s ability to track, schedule, and advise team members throughout the project’s duration.

Q:  Finally, what does a typical day look like for a Project Manager at Peter Spittler Architectural Services?

Peter Spittler Architectural Services:  Well, there really is no typical day at Peter Spittler Architectural Services!  The Project Manager oversees the day-to-day functioning of project teams and is the go-to person on any given project the team is working on.  They may be working with a team to coordinate a program committee, developing schedules for multiple projects, or advising team members on budget issues related to any given project.  For certain, Peter Spittler Architectural Services’ Project Managers love what they do and are never bored doing it!

Peter Spittler Architectural Services is located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

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