On Off Digital World Compares the Apple iPad to Net books


The team at On Off Digital World is often asked, how does one choose between a net book and an iPad? To help kick off the shopping process, On Off Digital world compares some of the significant features of these next generation computers.

Most net books have a 10.1-inch backlit LED screen, notes On Off Digital World, while the iPad’s screen is only 9.7-inches. The iPad on the other hand, says On Off Digital World, weighs in at a mere 1.5 pounds while the lightest net books are still closer to three pounds. Net books have drastically more memory, upwards of 160 GB of hard drive space, compares On Off Digital World, where the iPad comes in 16, 32 or 64 GB models. The iPad is smaller and sleeker, with less storage space, says On Off Digital World, but net books are cheaper and bigger with tons of storage. On Off Digital World adds that iPads also feature a touch screen interface, while net books rely on the classic track pad and keyboard interface.

On Off Digital World adds that many net books have extra convenient features like a web cam for video chats and multiple data ports, including USB slots and SD card readers. Because of this, elaborates On Off Digital World, net books are a great choice for syncing with devices like cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. On Off Digital World explains that iPads do not have data ports for syncing with peripherals, but can download any media from online accounts.

Additionally, iPads still rely on a full scale Mac or PC, explains On Off Digital World, but a net book is a fully contained miniature computer with some limitations in functionality. On Off Digital World says an iPad can be thought of as a souped up iPhone that doesn’t make calls. On the other hand, adds On Off Digital World, a net book is a pared back laptop. It is on this middle ground between laptop computer and Internet ready smart phones, explains On Off Digital World, that the new generation of computing is taking shape.

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