Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1


Pastor Pierre Bennett acknowledges that being called for a lifetime of service to the Lord and others is a special honor, reserved for a select few. Dr. Bennett received that call on Easter morning in 1999 at the Upper Room International Church. But his relationship with the Lord began much earlier.

Pastor Pierre Bennett is the founder and pastor of God’s Luv International Ministries, which has two weekly services in Virginia. With years of work serving others, Pastor Pierre Bennett is working hard to fulfill his vision of worldwide service through this ministry.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, sometimes God will show us things, and then ask us what we see. For an illustration of this truth, Pastor Pierre Bennett points to Amos 7:7, when God and Amos were standing on a wall made with a plumb line. When God asked Amos what he saw, Amos told God he saw a plumb line.

Of course! Pastor Pierre Bennett explains that God knew exactly what Amos was seeing. God was the One showing it to him, but He wanted Amos to describe it. Amos simply replied, “I see a plumb line, Lord.”

At the time, Amos was not a very popular prophet, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out. According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, Amos was prophesying against things that were popular at that time in Israel, and that caused the people to dislike him. Prior to this conversation between God and Amos, Pastor Pierre Bennett says that God had shown Amos a couple of visions.

One of those visions, Pastor Pierre Bennett states, was a swarm of locusts during the late crop. This frightened Amos, who begged God not to cause this destruction, relates Pastor Pierre Bennett. His pleading  got through to the Lord, who said, “It shall not be.”

However, God’s point was not really about locusts, but about the destruction of the traditional church, Pastor Pierre Bennett believes. In the same passage, Amos begs, “O Lord God, forgive, I pray! Oh, that Jacob may stand, for he is small.” Pastor Pierre Bennett explains that Jacob represents the church. God is talking about the destruction of the church and Amos is begging for its salvation, says Pastor Bennett.

When Amos described Jacob as small, according to Pastor Pierre Bennett, he meant small like a baby. Babies don’t know any better, and Amos was asking the Lord to save the church because it wasn’t aware of what it was doing, just as a baby wouldn’t know.

According to Pastor Pierre Bennett, God then showed Amos another vision. In the second vision, fire devastated the entire earth. Amos begged for the world’s salvation again, and simply by asking God, Amos was able to save the world from destruction. God said “okay,” Pastor Pierre Bennett recites. Because Amos prayed for it, God changed His mind.

The prayers of a righteous man, says Pastor Pierre Bennett, are powerful and when we keep ourselves in line with the will of God we should not hesitate to call on Him for our needs.

10 thoughts on “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1”

  1. During our troubled times, we always think that everything is over. Pastor Pierre Bennett believes that with God’s help, we can overcome anything. He reminds us to always call upon God for His guidance. Pastor Pierre Bennett is a wise man, for sure.

    1. @Jack – Thanks for leaving your feedback.”Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1″ – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  2. In the story of Amos told by Pastor Pierre Bennett, it shows that God will allow us to face tests to see the heart nature within us. He will never give us more than we can handle. The example set by Pastor Pierre Bennett means that all we have to do is have faith in God and everything will be alright.

    1. @Wilson – Problems is always around but always remember that God’s give that challenge to test or patient and faith to him. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1″ Thank you so much! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  3. My parents always told me that they would be there for me when I needed help but sometimes, I’m afraid that they would be angry with all of my failures. From what I heard from Pastor Pierre Bennett, there is no use in being afraid of God, because this means that you don’t trust anyone — even yourself. Reality is – life is hard, but God is better.

    1. @Benjamine – Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories. I always believe that every problem has there own solution. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1″ – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  4. Knowing Pastor Pierre Bennett is a gift to my family. Pastor Pierre Bennett helps us always return to God and learn how to ask for his forgiveness. We really appreciate all the things he has bestowed on our family.

    1. @Kate – Thank you so much! “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1″ – Pastor Pierre Bennett

  5. I have had so many problems my whole life but it’s just like what Pastor Pierre Bennett believes – No matter what I go through, I always face everything with a smile because I always know that through my faith in God, everything will “pass”. I am thankful for a great reminder/messenger like Pastor Pierre Bennett.

    1. @Stephen – I’m happy that I inspire you to love God and have faith on him. “Pastor Pierre Bennett: Amos and the Plumb Line, Part 1″ Thank you so much! – Pastor Pierre Bennett

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