Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives


Kummetz Corp LLC was founded by Eloi Kummetz, a philanthropic businessman with a passion for helping those in need. The firm’s main goal is to extend the reach of technological advancements into un-industrialized countries. The Kummetz Corp LLC does this by strategically managing its partner’s and investor’s funds by focusing on projects that not only offer an elevated ROI, but also produce positive results for human beings.

Kummetz Corp LLC knows Colombia has large deposits of gold spread throughout the country. As a company that regularly scans the globe to help bolster economies in countries that need it, Kummetz Corp LLC sees great opportunity in gold mining in Colombia, thanks to mines that have been around for decades, with new mines springing up often these days. As such, Kummetz Corp LLC has partnered with Colombia to help increase the country’s economy.

The partnerships, Kummetz Corp LLC states, are in the northern region of the country, with Kummetz Corp LLC making plans to mine more than 9,000 acres of land in these areas. Many have flocked to Colombia in recent years, Kummetz Corp LLC explains, thanks in part to the rising value of gold in most parts of the world, as well as the opportunities that exist in Colombia.

Gold mining is a hot issue in Colombia now, with some experts predicting the country will produce more than three million ounces of gold in 2012, Kummetz Corp LLC describes. Colombia has been encouraging miners to explore for gold, with recent reports stating that more than forty international companies are now exploring the country in search of gold, Kummetz Corp LLC cites. Due to the rising prices of gold, companies like Kummetz Corp LLC are able to take advantage of Colombia’s rich resources, which, in turn, benefits the country by bringing in industry and strengthening the country’s economy.

As Kummetz Corp LLC explains, Colombia had a long struggle after a 1999 depression weakened its economy. In addition to gold, Colombia’s exports include agriculture, petroleum, and coffee, Kummetz Corp LLC says. Colombian coffee is known worldwide for its delicious, rich taste. According to Kummetz Corp LLC, the country has also become a leader in petroleum exportation, ramping up export efforts in recent years to become the U.S.’s seventh largest foreign supplier of oil.

By focusing on gold mining in Colombia, Kummetz Corp LLC hopes to help strengthen the country’s economy, which is now growing stronger, thanks to the increase in exports. By building the economy, Kummetz Corp LLC knows it can help the people of Colombia have access to all of the comforts for a long, productive life. Additionally, Kummetz Corp LLC knows that increasing gold production can help keep gold prices reasonable by increasing supply to meet worldwide demand.

About Kummetz Corp LLC: The Kummetz Corp LLC was registered in the state of Nevada in 2005. The Kummetz Corp LLC has satellite offices in some of the remotest regions of the world, allowing them to react in areas with the greatest need for economic stimulation. The firm consistently produces a steady return on investment for their clients through funding projects that bring change to some of the poorest areas of the world.

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Good thing about Kummetz Corp LLC is that they do not only take advantage on what a country may help them in their business but as well as on how Kummetz Corp LLC may help improve the countries economy. I really admire what Kummetz Corp LLC is doing.

@Shayne – We’re not doing just for business we want also to help others. “Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives” Thank you so much – Kummetz Corp LLC

Kummetz Corp LLC has given my family a lot. When Kummetz Corp LLC arrived in Columbia they offered a lot of jobs and source of income to the people. Kummetz Corp LLC have done so much for the improvement of Columbia.

@Flordeliza – That’s the goal of the company is to give job to Colombian people. “Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives” – Kummetz Corp LLC

Many business tycoons are trying to put up a business in Columbia for their gold mines like Kummetz Corp LLC. Unlike Kummetz Corp LLC who together with the success of their business they are trying to find ways to help the countries economic improvement. Kummetz Corp LLC knows how to return the favors to the land they are getting their products.

@Gordon – Economic problem in Columbia is very big, that’s why we want to put an mining industry in the country to help their economic crisis. “Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives” Thank you! – Kummetz Corp LLC

Kummetz Corp LLC is an admirable group for they are doing their very best not only for their business but as well as for the good of the people. Kummetz Corp LLC are giving the people of Culombia a chance to earn for their family needs. I really appreciate what Kummetz Corp LLC are doing for the people of Culombia.

@Abegail – Thank you for your heartwarming comment. “Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives” – Kummetz Corp LLC

If Kummetz Corp LLC will be given a chance to build their business in many countries surely Kummetz Corp LLC will be helping a lot of people through giving them jobs for them to fill the needs of their families. I would really support Kummetz Corp LLC in their plans of helping others.

@Cammelle – It’s our pleasure to help. Thank you for supporting us. “Kummetz Corp LLC Partners with Colombia for Gold Mining Initiatives” – Kummetz Corp LLC

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