The Balancing Act’s Gregory Fake Gives Back Through Prison Ministry


Gregory Fake is an assistant producer for the popular Lifetime TV talk show The Balancing Act. In this capacity, he works with celebrities, authors, and experts in a variety of fields to serve up interesting segments for the show. In addition to coordinating guests, Gregory Fake regularly takes The Balancing Act on location for a segment called the Road Tour, where the show’s hosts hit the road to meet celebrities and interact with fans.

For his day job, Gregory Fake is an assistant television producer of the award-winning show that empowers women, Balancing Act.  In his free time, Gregory Fake can be found in a Florida prison and jail, counseling incarcerated men.  While this may appear to be an unlikely extension of Gregory Fake ’s expertise, it isn’t–he is very much committed to, and inspired by, giving back.

“Like many men, I returned to the church when I had my family,” explains Gregory Fake.  “It’s critical to raise children with core values that prepare them to face life’s challenges,” continues Gregory Fake.  Through the local Presbyterian Church, Gregory Fake began volunteering in prisons and jails and with work-release ministries.  That was ten years ago and he is still giving back.  Since beginning his volunteer work, Gregory Fake says has learned and grown tremendously from his experience.

Prison and jail life is completely foreign to most of American society, but Gregory Fake has learned to get past the stark environment and accept the inmates as people in need of love and forgiveness, just like everyone else. There, Gregory Fake provides counseling, advice, and a listening ear for inmates of all criminal backgrounds. “Oftentimes, inmates fall back into addiction or criminal behavior, but this is common on the road to accepting forgiveness and creating a path toward a brighter future,” says Gregory Fake.  He is there for inmates, whether or not they have lost hope in themselves.

While Gregory Fake has given a lot of himself to the inmates he has served, he has also gained in return.  “I am inspired by the inmates’ honesty about their struggles,” says Gregory Fake.  Working with inmates has taught Gregory Fake that there are no challenges in his own life that are too great to overcome.  “But it takes work, sometimes a lot of work,” Gregory Fake concedes.  Helping inmates move forward against all odds motivates and encourages Gregory Fake to continue this important volunteer work, despite his often demanding television production schedule.

Gregory Fake, whose career includes consultancy for Fortune 500 companies, banking law, and television production, received a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown.  Gregory Fake lives with his wife and two children in Pompano Beach, Florida, where he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family. 

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