Philip Melugin Says Pheasant Run Ranch is the Place to Unwind


Phillip Melugin has set himself apart as a home health care administrator by persistently focusing on quality, individualized service to those in need. It is a philosophy that Phillip Melugin passes on to his team at Phoenix Home Health, Inc., helping the company earn a reputation of being a positive force in the Missouri healthcare community.
As president and owner of Phoenix Home Health, Phillip Melugin believes that each client has unique needs. The management team and staff of Phoenix Home Health share Phillip Melugin ’s philosophy of individualized healthcare, working with each customer to improve quality of life and find new beginnings.
Because of its unique business model based on Phillip Melugin ’s core values, Phoenix Home Health has been recognized as a valuable force in the economy of the area. In fact, the Springfield Business Journal recently gave Phoenix Home Health an economic impact award for its positive impact on the area.

Philip Melugin spends most of his time managing Phoenix Home Care, the business he founded in 2011. With five offices in Missouri and one in Kansas, the business keeps Philip Melugin fully occupied throughout the week.

But when Philip Melugin wants to unwind, it’s his love for horses that pulls him away from the city. It’s a love he shares with his daughter, a high school junior who enjoys horseback riding alongside him. To fulfill this passion for nature, Philip Melugin built Pheasant Run Ranch, a 5,000-acre hunting and farming area in north central, Kansas. The ranch is set up as a comfortable habitat for wild creatures, specializing in wild upland bird, turkey, and whitetail deer. Hunters come from all around to participate in Pheasant Run Ranch’s guided hunts and lounge at the ranch’s primary lodge, which dates back to 1892.

Pheasant Run Ranch also offers overnight accommodates, according to Philip Melugin, with hunters feeling at home in the cozy cabin-like rooms. Pheasant Run Ranch even provides hunting dogs—English Setters who have been trained to help on hunts involving Kansas’s wild birds.

Philip Melugin strives to make Pheasant Run Ranch’s guests feel at home while they’re visiting. Whether staying overnight or hunting for the day, visitors can relax in the ranch’s newly renovated lodge, which provides internet, satellite television, and laundry service. A complete kitchen is also available at the lodge, for those who want to bring lunch along for their day on the ranch.

The land at Pheasant Run Ranch is carefully maintained year-round, Philip Melugin explains, with farming and supplemental watering systems keeping crops and the land well tended. Pheasant Run Ranch combines row crops, native grassland, and food plots, Philip Melugin says.

According to Philip Melugin, hunts start at $250 per day per person, with prices varying according to type of bird being hunted. Pheasant and bobwhite quail hunts are $375 a day per person, but those rates include lodging, a hunting guide, and dogs to assist on the hunt. Spring turkey rates are $250 a day and include lodging and a guide, while whitetail deer hunts are $500 a day per person, with lodging and guide not included.

Business is booming at Pheasant Run Ranch, says Philip Melugin, giving him and his fellow hunting enthusiasts a place and opportunity to do what they love. By providing a safe, uncrowded place for hunters to indulge their love of the great outdoors, Pheasant Run Ranch is a long-awaited Kansas treasure.

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